Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Will did it!

We're IN!!!
William is now a student at ACA!
Our interview went great apparently... no need to wait for a letter to tell us we are accepted, she gave me the low down on everything directly after the interview... I was confused... I said
"So do you do this with everyone before the letter? I thought we had to wait for a letter." And she said... "Nope, no need for a letter in your instance. You sign your contract next week at our contract signing meeting, and I hand William his reading list for the summer, the first day of school, his project for the reading will be given to him... yada, yada, yada"
The course load is going to be gruesome, but he is capable and bright, and he will work hard. Or else.. ha ha!
They have a great website where the parents can get updates on homework, projects etc.. everyday for each individual student. So Cool!
There are only 450 high school students there, so it's big enough to have lots of diversity, but small enough where the teachers can offer personal help and know all the kids by name.
AHHH! I'm gushing!
Forgive me!
After the interview, went to Target to get a bunch of stuff for Will and Bill's excursion, and a bunch of new summer clothes for the boys.
I was a very good girl though.
Didn't overspend or get stuff just because it was on sale.
They all needed swim trunks in this hellish weather.
Okay, I'm done. Sorry for the overshare. I'm just excited!
Ciao loved ones.


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