Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Night Frenzy!

Well, my new bed got here on Tuesday...
I know!!! So much for 15 days!
Not that I am complaining... but I haven't even gotten the new carpet in yet!
Oh! I've decided on carpet tiles!
They are FABULOUS... I have them in my office and they are incredible. Very versatile.
I can mix and match, turn them different ways, and if one gets dirty or tears, I just pull it up and replace it with a new one!
They come in peel n stick, or you can glue them down. My only dilemma is which kind and color. So I am shopping online for what I want.
I thought it would be a good alternative to carpet, since I am not as big a fan of carpet as I am of tile. It's really low pile, still absorbs sound, but isn't as cumbersome and full on carpet, and is better for allergies.
We were going to just go and buy a new box spring for the new bed, but Bill decided to build one custom, and I love, love, love his idea. It's going to look beautiful when it gets done.
Oh! I am sooo glad I married a man that can do everything himself... just like my Papa.
William tests for his new High School tomorrow. (biting nails now)
Alex is running for student council for next year...
and gay marriage is passed in California...
Quite a week, wouldn't you say?
It's only the 16th and it has been quite a month already. May is always a bit like Christmas in our house, with all the birthdays and mini holidays.
Yesterday, my Mama came by so I could shower her with all her gifts for her B-day and Mama's Day, and she asked me if I wanted to help her cater a wedding
HMMMM Sounds fishy.
But a good kind of fishy.
If she is planning something, I like to make her squirm.
If she's not... Heck no! I won't cater a party for someone else on my 4oth!
I'm gonna go get ready for my Carnival I am doing in Corona tonight. I am going to be setting up my Pampered Chef table while my kids run around like the wild banshees they are.
Have a great Friday Night!

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