Friday, May 23, 2008

Ohhh Weather! Actual Weather!

What fantastic, awesome weather we had yesterday!
TV was the last thing the boys and I wanted to watch last night.
There was a much better show outside!
The three of us pressed our faces to a window and just stared at the lightening in awe.
Before that, we stood outside in our backyard and just let the rain soak us.
It was precious "kid" time.
Alex and Johnny were SO excited when I announced we need to gather our candles and flameless candles on a table with a lighter just in case the electricity went out.
Every time our lights flickered... they cheered! It was so funny. They're weird.
Native Californians don't get to see this weather very often, and Thunder isn't common.
Every summer, I travel to Chicago for conference, and every summer there are HUGE, I MEAN HUGE thunderstorms. Yesterday was nothin compared to what the mid westerners go through.
I remember one year being on the 23rd floor of the Sheraton Downtown during a big one, and I thought God was gonna come and get us. It was surreal. All the California people were jumpy, and everyone else from other states just went along business as usual. They actually laughed at us, and consoled us, it was funny and pathetic at the same time.
We soooo needed the rain!
Of course, anyone who has lived in this valley knows exactly why this weather hit now, in the middle of May.
It all goes back to the curse the indians made about 100 years ago.
I dont' know how accurate my story is, but its an old legend.
The National Orange show takes place on sacred Indian land,
and when the Indians were taken off the land to build the Orange Show complex,
they placed a curse on the land, that every time the Orange Show would take place,
there would be inclement weather.
I never believed it growing up... then as the years went on I noticed that the dates would change for the Orange Show all the time.
Everyone thought it was just the time of the year it was always on... so they changed it.
Once it was in August, and it rained for only the 4 days of the Orange Show in the hottest month of the year. They tried it in July, same thing,
they tried it in a number of different times and months, and the same thing happened.
Guess what... the Orange Show opened yesterday.
I get it and have for years.
You can choose to believe it or not... but it has never failed. Every year this happens during the Orange Show. Not to this extent, but clouds and rain come every single year during it.
Last week was an awful heat wave and this week,yesterday, my Mama got snow in her front yard a foot high.
Sounds like something is happening, huh?
Enjoy the cool weather!
Play in the rain with your kids!
Just stay out of the pool during a lightening storm.
Ciao! and Stay Dry!


  1. I think it was built on a sacred burial ground, but I'm not sure. It has rained, without fail, every year.

    I love watching this kind of storm too. What a show!


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