Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend catchup

Well, that Carnival I did on Friday Night was a bust... but not totally, I called a friend that lived in Norco that I haven't seen in a while, and she came for a visit. It was great seeing her again.
She has 4 of the most beautiful children on the planet.
They are all in commercials and are just delightful to be around, and they are all under 7 yrs old.
William took his test yesterday. Now all we have to do is do our interview and hopefully we'll be in! I've never had this much trouble getting someone to take our money before!
Bill is building our platform for our new bed today.
He is at Lowes buying the materials now.
I've decided to re use our old bed out in our Gazebo. I am going to make it a little sleep retreat in the backyard. I am going to buy some really great fabric to cover it with, and add some elements to the gazebo that will make it feel like an actual room, like a side table, flameless candles. With the Firepit right in front of it, it will be so cool. The boys are always begging us to let them sleep outside, and now they can, since the entire gazebo is already encased in mosquito netting and has a solid top.
I'm off to do laundry now.
What fun!
Don't you wish you had my life?
I know... I know...
All glitz and glamour among underwear and socks.
Off I go...

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  1. HOw exciting I can't wait to see pictures of the finished product. I love the idea of having a bed outside. I remember camping out in our backyard growing up.


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