Monday, May 12, 2008

Catch up!

My computer is back!!! yahhhhooooo!
This thing has taken a quite a licken, and it keeps on tickin!
I am still going to buy a new one soon, but not so urgently now. I can take my time and peruse the merchandise now.
OH! I BOUGHT A NEW BED! It arrives in 2 weeks! We got one of those temperpedic ones... but get this!!! It ALSO has the adjustable air chamber thingamabobber too! Way Cool! After 15 years, we were due for major luxury.
Bill is going to build a platform for it and then all I need is new carpet or maybe some tile in my bedroom. SSShhh, he doesn't know that part yet. I might just call Empire Today and surprise him with my "get it done" prowess!
We had a baseball game tonight, we lost. My Father in Law came down to watch the game, and took the men out for pizza for Will's birthday.
I love it when he visits. He always makes me feel like a million bucks. He says the nicest, most well thought out things. My favorite thing he says is... "Saundra, I couldn't have asked for a better Mama for my grandsons, in the whole wide world, you're the best, they are so blessed to have you as their Mama." It could be a total crock, but I LOVE IT!
Boy it's nice to be back on my own computer. I hope it lasts. I'm not looking forward to plunking down major cash for something that takes up less than 2 feet of space... unless it is jewelry, of course. ;)
Oh! Something else!!! I had Bill cut a couple inches of hair from my length!
WHY...OH... WHY.... don't I EVER remember that curly hair BOUNCES BACK after being wet?
It totally was NOT his fault... I just said...
"Yeah, honey, 2-3 inches is fine... it's still long..."
I put that stupid blow dryer to my hair and watched it creep up... up...up on my shoulder.
My Mama is gonna laugh her butt off when she finds out.
She says I am too old to have long hair,
and I should go with a much shorter style now that I am almost 40.
Just for that... I will be the longest haired Nana you will ever see one of these days. ooohhhh, Maybe I'll even put some hot pink streaks in it!
I'll be a punk rock granny!
Nah! Too much work to keep up. I'll just wrap my super long grandma hair into two cinnamon buns of either side of my head and call myself Grandma Leia.
Yeah... That'll show my Mama.


  1. I am going to be one of the grandmas with long hair too! Probably not. It will get to hard and I am kinda lazy. I think I will get a Jamie Lee Curtis hair cut.

  2. Saundra, how many spolls of yarn do I need for that 4 1/2 hour afgan? I started to buy some and didn't know how much I needed. By the way well done on the buying of the bed you both deserve it.

  3. Congrats on the bed, you will love it!!


    Tammy, Thank you! Your blanket is almost done!

    Andi! Thanks for your input about your bed! It helped me make my decision!

  5. Oooh, okay, where's the invite for your readers to test your purchase?? (Just kidding of course.)

    You're very blessed with a wonderful father-in-law, crock or not! I'm also very fortunate, although I've never received praises for my mothering capabilities.


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