Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mountain Lakes

No, it is NOT a real worm... yes, I took the picture. Gross but oh so useful in the future... no?

I love the way the trees made the pictures look like Monet's "Waterlilies" painting.

Alex caught the only fish of the 4 men. Dude!!! It died shortly after being caught. I think Alex scared it to death.

My view when I woke up this morning. They were up at stupid o'clock to fish.

I know I know... I have it all! My four boys. Look how white Bill's goatee is!!! hee hee!
This look says... "Mom... Not more pictures!!! I'm tryin to fish!"

Finally, someone without a camera to help me!

That's what happiness looks like.

Went to Mountain Lakes for an impromptu overnight stay for Bill's Birthday.
My Mom in Law bought us the timeshare there years ago, and this was my first time there.
It was really, really nice. I did absolutely nothing but crochet and watch my kids have fun fishing.
It was great. I love that it is so close to home. It felt like we were there for days!
My Mom in law, sis in law, 2 nieces, and Mom in Laws hubby Hank were all there.
My kids didn't know they liked fishing until this weekend. Hank was gracious to give the boys all his fishing poles since they enjoyed it so much, and Max, MIL, bought us awesome walkie talkies. It was like it was all our birthdays!
We'll be going a lot more this summer.
Have a great night!


  1. How fun. I love doing things last minute. You guys are making so many fun memories. When your boys are older they are going to be so glad that you took all these pictures.

  2. Oh, but they give me such grief when I ask them to get together!!! But who was huddling around my computer screen looking to see which pictures I chose??? yeah... the "Ah Mom" club...

  3. How fun that looked! Some friends have been going up there for years and love it. I don't get much cooperation when it's time to take pictures, but I get crowded out at the computer later, even by my husband.

  4. The pics turned out very well. The boys will enjoy them later on in life.

  5. Angela, isn't that insane? "No mom no pictures" and then "Hey Mom, let me see!"

    Thanks Tam.


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