Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tomorrows Letter to Alex

Hi Baby! May 2, 2008 We miss you!!! We love you!!! We get to see you tonight! I made sure your brother didn’t do any chores at all this week, so you wouldn’t feel left out!!! We’ve got dishes, vacuuming, mopping, laundry, dog washing (they are back, the play ran it course, and they didn’t have any more work for Ratdogs.) The guys million dollar check bounced, the corvettes were Hot Wheels, and Daddy forgot to mention the new place he wanted to move was Hawaiian Gardens, CA!!!
Yeah! I know!!! and when he said he wanted to go on a ship, he meant he wanted to ship everything FedEx to the new house! Whatever!!! I’m staying here, so I can see my adorable, sweet, wonderful son Alex. Today is Dad’s birthday, and went to Shakeys for lunch. I hope you aren’t hungry. There aren’t any leftovers. All your cousins came… and all the kids got $100 bills for Dad’s birthday.
All the grandparents didn’t want to be outdone, they also gave everyone money… lots and lots of money. Sorry you missed it. We’ll see you when you arrive. LOVE YOU DUDE!!! Mama, Dad. Will, and Johnny.

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  1. Those are cute letters, and I can't wait to hear how he gets you back!


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