Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I miss Alex!

Alex called again today. He said he thought the letters were really funny and he was glad they weren't all mushy, because it would have made him miss home.
Mission accomplished.
I just know... one of these days... he is going to get me back BIG TIME! I know my kid, and I won't know when, I won't know how, but he is going to pay me back good!
I can't WAIT!!!
One day, when I have another case of writer's block, I'll tell you the stories of the past couple of Christmases and what we did to our poor boys as practical jokes.
I hope Oprah or Dr. Phil are still in production when these three boys are older so they have a forum to tell the world what kind of parents they had to put up with as kids. Bill and I thought we were hilarious, and so did the boys after they figured out what we were up to.
WE thought it was hilarious, them... not so much.
I miss him! My family isn't whole right now. I can't wait until Friday.
When he calls, the very first thing he says, out loud, kinda screaming is...
Then he says... Hi, Mooooomm!
Then I can breathe.
My father in law came by tonight to take Bill and the 2 other boys to dinner, and when they came back, all we could talk about was Alex.
We all seem to be in a little funk. It just isn't the same around here.
What am I gonna do when they move out.. Jeez, I am not ready.
I need to buy a street full of empty houses, so we can all stay together.
Okay, the last letter is tomorrow, Fridays letter, and then he comes home!!!
Have a great night, stay outta trouble, and sleep well.

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  1. I know how you feel. I get sad when one of them is just gone overnight. At first, it's pleasant because there's no bickering. Then, it starts to feel like a hole in our home.


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