Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jack got Loose!

Alex called! Alex called!
He sounded happy, he couldn't wait to get off the phone.
Now I'm really gonna sell his bed, and his trophies, oooh and his clothes!!
I was sooo afraid today... Jack got out because a stupid meter reader didn't latch our gate. I was so afraid that one of our dogs were really missing. I was afraid life was imitating art!
But... alas... I found him. He was tired and thirsty, but he wasn't too far from home. He's only got one eye, so he was easy to spot.
So... we just arrived home after an emergency board meeting for baseball, and I am ready for bed.
The next letter I wrote to Alex will be posted in the morning.
Thanks for reading me everyone!
I so appreciate it!

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