Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I am overwhelmed again!

I am not one of those women that loves having a million things to do all the time.
I am a simple girl.
I just wanna get my kids to school,
come home,
do the shopping,
clean up a little,
get dinner started,
get the kids from school and chauffeur them around, get their homework going, and come home and watch whatever I taped on my DVR or read one of my books I have yet to read.
Lately, too many things have been thrown into the mix, and I can't see straight.
I get overwhelmed very, very easily. I like routine, and abhor change.
I know... sounds boring... but I am what I am, to quote Popeye.
The transition from "not a Mama" to "Mama" threw me into a terrible tail spin. I cried everyday for 3 weeks from the baby blues when William was born. I wanted everyone on the planet to go away except William and me. I eventually snapped out of it when I got 4 hours of sleep in a row one day.
It actually got easier for me as I had each child.
I feel like I just can't do it all. I know it is my own fault. I let the kids play everything they want. That, isn't my problem, its all the extra things other people want me to do. I feel badly saying no, but I do... often.
No, I can't go out to dinner during the week.
No, I can't play Bunco.
No, I can't join the crochet club, even though I really want to!
No, no, no, no, no.
Oh, I am ssssooooo looking forward to this summer! Homework, sports, school, everything slows down!
I am going to have smart dinner parties, at least 2 times per month, wanna come?
I am going to join that crochet club!
I might even play a game of Pictionary or two!
I am going to have a Belini Party!!!
Okay, I'm done ranting now... whew... I feel much better!


  1. I know how you feel. That's when I take a deep breath and write everything down that I want to get done. Then I look at what HAS to be done by the end of the day and go from there. As things get done I relax a little.

  2. Oh DeeDee, thank you for that! I am going to make that list straight away.

    I hate feeling like this! I need to just realize that no one ever said "Oh, I wish I had done that last load of laundry" on their death beds!

    Grazie, Grazie! Mille Grazie!
    Thank you , Thank you, a million Thank yous.

  3. I like what Dee Dee does. I do understand and sometimes I will say no and not have a reason why. It feels good to look at the calendar and see nothing on it.

  4. After I have been really too busy and think I can't do this again, the kids have another birthday. Then I freak out because half the time they are going to be home is almost gone. I really only have them for such a short time. I hope I give them everything they need!
    In 6 years Isac will be an adult, and half the running around is done. That is what gets me. We ONLY have them for such a short time compared to how long we live. Check with me tomorrow, and I might be kicking them out already!lol!

  5. I ssoooo get it, Angela! I look at William and still see him with a sippy cup in my minds eye!

    I find myself bribing him with laundry service and home cooked meals if he attends college very close to home.

    Letti, I was just looking at Friday, and it's EMPTY!!!!! YAHHOOOOO!

  6. Well, I do get a little extra boost being busy. But overwhelmed, that's a completely different story.

    What's a Belini party?

  7. Kathy
    Belini Party = champagne and fruit puree cocktail.

    I want to try lots of varieties, Angela gave me the idea.


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