Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stupid parents

You know... I got up this morning and set about deleting a bunch of programs on my DVR that I know I won't watch, and some of them are Oprah's shows. After all, I am the master of my idiot box, it is not the master of me... capisco?
BUT, once again, there was a title that intrigued me. It was the one about "What can you live without" or something of that nature. People... I think Oprah reads my blog! Okay, no I really don't think that... but we seem to be on the same wave length. That kinda scares me. I am not into deifying celebrities, and following everything they say and do, BUT in this case, she aired her show AFTER I posted myo opinions.
The whole show was an experiment of two families that cut back on food waste, TV time, shopping, giving in to kids whims, and energy conservation. I don't know about you... but I remember my posts just last week about how parents aren't doing their jobs as parents and are "yes" people to their kids.
On my other blog, a few weeks ago, I challenged myself and everyone else to eat out of their pantries for as long as possible, and to realize how much food we really do have at our disposal at any given time. Well, the families on the show had COMPLETELY overfilled refrigerators and they still went shopping to get more stuff. Every night, one mother made FIVE DIFFERENT MEALS, one for each family member.
Again I say... some parents need to slapped! Are they kidding? When and where does it say that we as Mama's need to become short order cooks and dumb ourselves down when it come to running our households??? When did common sense leave?
Here is my philosophy...
Cook what you want your family to eat, if they don't want it... fine, they can go hungry... when they get hungry enough they will eat what you put in front of them! IT IS SIMPLE!
Of course, we all want to make meals that are liked and taste good, but if a kid gets used to processed foods, and eating whatever he/she wants for each meal, with no respect for the food the Mama made for them, they are not being parented correctly. Yep, I said it... I was just a wee bit judgmental there. THERE ARE A LOT OF STUPID PARENTS OUT THERE, AND THEY ARE PUTTING THEMSELVES ON TELEVISION!
I was floored.
I would NEVER want to go on TV looking like a complete fool for "Not realizing I was allowing my 5 year old son to play video games for 5 hours a day." If my kids sit ANYWHERE for 5 hours, I haven't done my job. Period.
One of the Dad's was complaining, as he was walking up to the Best Buy store, that his daughter purposely broke her bedroom TV, so he would HAVE to buy her a new plasma flat screen.
Really? Was he at gun point? Why was he giving in? I don't remember seeing him being dragged into the store... he was the one doing the driving! It baffled me that he thought it was annoying, but he took no steps to stop it. He just schlepped over to the store and gave his little darling whatever she wanted. OMG!!! Lets reward our kids for destroying hard earned property!!!
If I were Oprah, I would have hit each one of them on the forehead and said "SNAP OUT OF IT!" Mom couldn't go to sleep without the TV on! Come on!!!
Are we, as a society, THAT stupid? Do we need that many pacifiers?
I am just beside myself. I don't get it. What do my kids have to look forward to as potential mates down the line? The products of these stupid parents? How sad!
The really sad part was the experiment was only 1 WEEK! They were going bonkers for only one week away from creature comforts.
I know I harp on this a lot. I have a teen now, and all my hard work is starting to show up in him, he is turning into someone I can really talk to, and like, and just be around. That comes from saying no, and exposing him to lots of different things, and choosing who he hangs out with wisely, and not letting him veg out in front of a stupid game. It's not always fun to be the hag that limits everything, but I have always told my kids
"I'm NOT here for a popularity contest, I don't CARE if you like me, I am your Mama, and I know what's best for you. When you are 25 and buying your own toilet paper, you can go on Oprah and tell her what a terrible Mama I was. I am not perfect, never have been, never will be. This is my first go around as a Mama, I'm gonna make mistakes... but one thing I will never do is give up on you."
It takes work, and lazy parents don't make good kids. That woman admitted she was using the boob tube as a sitter. Yuck!
Okay... I'll stop for now. This feels good to let loose. It pains me to see people so ignorant, and laughing at themselves like its cute to be so dumb.
Have a great Saturday Night!


  1. Just had the, "It's in my job description as your mother to nag you!" discussion with my oldest, again! All of my sons are determined to wear me down, but I am just as determine not to let them.

    It's one of those funny things about being a mom. It's the most difficult, yet rewarding job I've ever had.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree.

    Gut wrenching and joyous at the same darn time!


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