Thursday, April 10, 2008

Shout out!

The person from KFS inc, in Grapevine Texas... who are you?
Thank you for reading me... I am curious as to who you are?? Do I know you??


  1. Hi Saundra! I'm Kim From Grapevine. I just left you a message on your Cook Everyday Blog. I'm a blog addict lurker, but I don't have my own. I read you when I have down time at work (when I'm slacking off, shh!) I got your website when you commented on 4tunate blog, I believe. I also like to stalk the quads and quints :) I'm currently expecting a singleton and have three girls (two nine year olds and a seven year old). I think your blog is awesome! I totally agree with a lot of your opinions, and look forward to learning how to be a better organized Mama from you.


  2. Kim, read my cook everyday blog post I wrote to you...

    Thank you again

    Please feel free to share my blog with everyone you know!!!

    Just give my blog address out to anyone!!!


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