Sunday, April 27, 2008

Alex is leaving... :(

Just finished a show... and now comes the ominous task of packing Alex up for his week long trip to Hume Lake with his class.
It is an Outdoor Education/Science trip that 4th and 5th graders go on. He went last year too.
I was a total wreck. Basket case... brooding/worrying/carrying on mess.
I felt like a piece of me was missing for an entire week, and I get to feel that way again this year.
Soo looking forward to it.
Hume Lake is really far, like... six hours by bus! Why couldn't they go to... say... Lake Arrowhead Christian Conference center and do an education thingamabobber. It's only an hour away!!! I can see the mountain from my front yard!!! I would feel closer!!!
He is so excited he can't see straight. Me? Not so much.
I know he is going to have a great time, I know he is going to be safe. I just want my babies with me, where I can watch them, and keep them safe, under MY supervision.
Is that too much for an overprotective Mama to ask? huh? is it? huh?
Yeah, I guess it is.
He had SUCH a blast last year. He has been counting down the hours until he leaves.
I am going to write him a letter for each day he is going to be gone and put them in his suitcase.
Last year... it was so funny, I wrote letters saying, in each one, what fabulous things we were doing in his absence, ending with a letter stating that we moved and I was sure the new family at our former home would be very hospitable toward his homecoming.
He loved them. He said he was glad they weren't all mushy, so he wouldn't miss home so much. I know he wasn't homesick one second. So, this year, being the Mama I am, I am going to write totally sappy, long, drawn out, tear stained letters... each one stating how much my heart bleeds for his return. I know I'll get a laughing phone call saying... "Mom, you are just kidding... right?"
Depending on my mood, and how quickly he calls me to tell me he's arrived safely, I will decide whether to tell him I am serious or not.
So, this week, please excuse me if you read a little... oh, I don't know... a little... melancholy, or worry in my posts. I'll be fine on Friday, when he returns.
Have a wonderful rest of the evening...
P.S. Edit... I decided I can't write sappy stuff. So the letters were humorous again... Sue me. ;)

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  1. Oh I would be a wreck too. I could not imagine sending one of my kids. I would probably ask to be a chaperone and if they didn't let me I would pack up the entire family and rent a room very close to them. I love the letter idea. My mom used to do that to us when we would spend the week with my aunt and uncle in Sacramento. She also hid little notes in my pockets, shoes, make up, and anywhere I would least expect to find a note.


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