Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I found something today that I have never seen before. It was horrifying. Truly horrifying… In almost 40 years… I had yet to find this something anywhere near me. I was doing my hair today, and noticed it and almost screamed. It was sooo scary! I don’t know how it got here… I don’t know how to get rid of it. It was dark, crinkly, half moon shaped, and it just. would. not. go. away! I rubbed, and pulled, and tapped, and squinted, and nothing would work to get it gone!!! Wanna know what it was??? What I thought was leftover mascara from my shower, was actually Dark, wrinkly, circles under my eyes!!!
Cue “Psycho” music now. Today was the first day I have ever needed to take out my “under eye concealer” and used it… I mean really used it. Now its just one more thing I get to add to my list of imperfections… extra weight, cellulite, gray hair, sagging “girls”, stretch marks and now this! Under eye circles and crowsfeet! Come on!!! We should start out 120 years old and go backwards. We should get younger and younger. I actually don’t mind getting older. I feel wiser, more able to handle things that come my way, happier, less intimidated by anything, less interested in what other people think of me or my ways… I just felt really stupid scrubbing and scrubbing under my eye for minutes before I realized I just am not getting enough sleep! So much for wiser!
So now I have to learn to embrace these circles and spin them positively. Hmmmm. How am I gonna do that? OH!!! I can go play football now and not have to put that black stuff under my eyes! If I had a job, I could go into work like this… sniff a couple of times, and my boss would totally send me home! I’ll have an excuse to wear sunglasses indoors! Unfortunately, people will assume I had been hit, but my answer to that would be directions to that person’s funeral.
So there… A negative into a positive. Thank GOD for Philosophy’s “Hope in a tube” under eye stuff. I bought it only because it was included with another product of theirs I love. It was there for a reason…huh? Have a wonderful day, and love what you see in the mirror… you only have today, so love yourself today!


  1. I am having a "dark circle under the eyes" month. I never had to worry, but now it looks purple!

  2. I am not looking forward to those either.

  3. Thats great that you are just now getting them. I have had them awhile. I had one of those moments last week when the eye dr. told me I needed reading glasses which proceeded by "That usually happens when you turn 40"! Well, that was a jab in my side. LOL!!! Gotta love it :o)

  4. Arbonne has really helped with my dark, lack of sleep, eyes!


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