Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hello Hume Lake people!

Hey! I've noticed that some people from Hume Lake are reading my blog!
I think it's great... I hope you like it!!!
If you see my kid... tell him to call me!
I'm goin' nuts!
Oh! How about petitioning for some Cell Phone towers up there!!! :)
I can't believe there are still places that don't get cell phone reception!
Stick it on the top of a mountain, it'll be closer to the Satellite that way!!! :)
Please keep all the kids safe and have a wonderful time!
My kid LOVES it up there!!!
P.S. Are you guys the actual counselors?
Let me know! Hit the comment button and talk to me...
By the way... Your web cams aren't working. Yesterday it was the same picture as today. hmmmmm.


  1. We are reading your blog up at Hume Lake and have enjoyed it very much! :) I am not sure who contacted you before now, but none of our staff work as councilors with your students. We have staff that teaches the Outdoor Education (OE) courses but the councilors come with the schools. I, however, am not one of the OE teachers. I work in a office and do office sorts of things - but as we speak I can see a group of about thirty students gathered around one of OE teachers likely learning about the giant tree they are standing next to ... you know, I've heard that there is a type of tree that grows in this area that is supposed to smell like vanilla, perhaps I should go listen in :). Anyway, thanks for your fun blogs. Sorry the webcam isn't up and running - just imagine tall pine trees, green grass, tall mountains in the background, and 300 kids enjoying the outdoors. Oh - and about the cell phone petition; after living in this wonderful seclusion I beg you to rethink your petition. I never thought I could live without a cell phone before living here, but now I love being able to have uninterrupted time. Keep the blogs coming, and please send word if the circus your son’s dogs have been sold to comes to the Hume area!

  2. My son is there with Packinghouse Christian for the OE program.

    I am just a worried Mama and wanted to talk with my baby, that's why the cell phone comment. I totally get it about not being electronically connected all the time.

    No one contacted me at all. I have a program that shows me where people come from when they look at my blog, and someone must have googled Hume lake up there and landed on my post about Alex leaving.

    I am sooo glad you landed on my blog!

    I love my kids to laugh, and don't want them to worry about us at home, so I always write them joke letters. Next letter is being posted now!

    Thanks for reading!!!

  3. Saundra,

    there is some pictures of me and the girls on your yahoo account. hope you and my brother enjoy them.

    tamara and the girls

  4. I don't have a yahoo account. Where are they? I only have yahoo e mail.


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