Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Frenzy

What a day... What a day!
I cooked all morning for one of my best friends Father's funeral. It was lovely.
SO very different from an Italian Funeral.
The sons made me cry... they were so eloquent in their speeches, but I really cried when Mari spoke. I didn't know her Daddy, but I sure know her.
My Dad picked the kids up from school for me. When I got to his house... he was in bed. I think they pooped him out. It was funny. He had a hip replacement a few months ago, and he looked adorable walking out of his room. He spiked his white hair,and on his ankles, in true Italian fashion, he was wearing gold anklets on each ankle. So surfer dude!
Being at the funeral of a friends dad made me squeeze my Papa just a bit tighter tonight.
Last year, tomorrow, was a year that we were at Bill's grandmother's funeral.
I think next year I will skip these dates and just sleep.
Last night, I had a fun show, and Bill and William went to William's prospective new High School for a "look around" night. Bill came home SOLD!!! I was sooo excited. When I saw all the curriculum offered, I was absolutely FLOORED! It is going to be worth every single penny.
It is far and beyond anything I ever imagined. Truly. It is one stellar program.
I just pray William gets in. We have about 17 different things we have to do before we interview. He has to be tested and he has to write an essay, and we need 2 teacher recommendations, a pastoral recommendation, a administrators recommendation, and we have to write about our son too! It's like getting into Harvard Law!
But... we will persevere and we will do it, and happily. Really, you should see this curriculum. So awesome!
So, I am done for the day.
I am going to focus on the tasks at hand and let everything else handle itself.
Have a great rest of the evening!
Buona Sera!


  1. What a nice friend you are to cook for them that was very sweet. I am so glad that things are working out for you with Williams new school.

  2. Thanks Letti! If William makes the football team, I hope you will come to a game or two! That would be so fun! We don't play CHS, so you wouldn't be a traitor! hee hee


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