Saturday, April 12, 2008

Movie Night!

We went to the Drive In tonight!
I love the Drive In.
We got Little Caesars $5 pizzas, I made my special sweet n salty popcorn, and Taffy Apple Salad.
We saw Nim's Island and Superhero.
Superhero is NOT for kids, Nim's is cute.
Thank God Johnny had to go to the bathroom all the time during Superhero.
Got the back patio all clean and useable, and Bill put the Gazebo cover back on.
We were supposed to have the pool re done this year... but we need other things more pressing first. Like a new bed (ours is 15 years old) and a new driveway and side yard poured.
So Tempurpedic and Robertson's Ready Mix, here I come!
My crazy kids went in the pool today. It. was. freezing. They didn't care... but didn't stay in but 10 minutes.
I won't be officially opening the pool until May. Little repairs need to be done, and a thorough cleaning.
I tease my hubby all the time that if he doesn't keep the pool up, I will start "auditioning" pool men to come over. I'll make a rule that he is gorgeous and must clean with his shirt off. Ha ha! I WILL be charging admission on pool cleaning day, and you must be a woman to come over. hee hee.
So what does he do? He starts cleaning the pool, with his shirt off. Cute. Whatev!
Gotta go... it's late, and I have to finish all my afghans I am making for my kids teachers!
Have a great night/day!
Buona Notte!


  1. Yeah! The boys have gotten 3 sets of new beds in the last 15 years... it's my turn.


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