Monday, April 28, 2008

Letters to Alex...Day one

Every year, when the kids go away on some trip for school, I love to write them letters, with some money in them. I like the kids to laugh while away from home. William didn't take my letters as well as Alex does, so I am posting them each day. Below... day one's letter. Dear Alex… Monday, April 28, 2008 Well, well, well… so nice of you to leave us to have such a fabulous time in Hume Lake. Here is what happened today, the day you left on your vacation away from us, your loving family, you remember us, the ones who clothe you, feed you, love you unconditionally…yeah, us… The dogs had to get shaved because they were infested with giant cockroaches. They both look like oversized rats. Daisy is NOT happy. They are so bald they got sunburned. So sad… And there you are… all the way in Hume Lake, having the time of your life. It’s okay… we understand… we love you anyway… Have a lovely time, Alex… don’t worry about us or your dogs… You just have a great time and continue being carefree and away from home. Don’t forget to call me… Call my cell phone… I have to keep putting cream on your bald dogs, so I am not near the house phone. Love you very much. Mama, Dad, Will and Johnny Shaver… just in case you forgot us already.


  1. I love the sense of humour.

  2. Thanks, I had loads of fun writing them.

    He likes them too. The teachers are ready for them, they make him read them to the entire class on the trip.


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