Thursday, April 10, 2008

Parent Teacher Conferences tomorrow!

I don't know why I get sooo nervous before Parent/Teacher Conferences... but I DO!!!
I've already gone to school... why am I nervous!
The last P/T/C I had, my fuel filter gave out on the freeway on the way to the school, so today, during carpool, the teachers made a big joke of running around my car making sure everything was in place. Hardy... har... har.
It was sweet.
We actually have a ball during the conference, but I still get nervous.
Wish me luck, better yet... wish my kids luck... if they don't get stellar reviews, they have to sleep outside with the dogs! ha ha! j/k
They might actually enjoy that... I'd better think of something awful... OH!
Cleaning out the fridge and vacuuming under all the couches...
Oh! Here hoping for bad reviews... that stuff needs to be done! ha! j/k again.
Guess what my hubby reminded me of today! Today, April 10, was the day we met 17 years ago! He told me he knew we would be married that night, and he went home to call his Dad and tell him so.
I went home and told my Mama the same thing. I said "Mama, he will be my very last boyfriend ever." A year and a half later... we were married.
Happy Anniversary to me!
Ciao Bellas!


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