Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Letter Number 3 to Alex

Dearest Alex… Wed. 4/30/08 Since last night was Dad’s last night coaching before we move… I thought you would love to hear how your team did!!! THEY ALL HIT HOMERUNS!!! EVERYONE!!! EVEN JACK CAME BACK!!! HE RAN WITH CRUTCHES!!! IT WAS AMAZING AND A MIRACLE!!! Dad was so happy. The score was 96- 7. Guinness book of World records came by and took their picture. I know how you love that book, so when you see it, you will be able to remember your awesome time in Hume Lake. OH!!! We don’t have to fly to Hawaii, Dad decided we would go by Cruise ship… so we leave on Friday… Oh darn… we hoped we would at least be able to see you get off the bus before handing you over to Nana and wonderful Robert. Oh well… maybe in a few years you can come visit us for a couple of days!!! We all decided to change our names to Hawaiian names, so Daddy is now Don Ho, I am Leilani, Johnny is Johnny Tsunami, and William is now Williewilliewiki. I saw a picture of our new house, and a the ocean is only 10 feet away. Just what you always dreamed… too bad you went to Hume Lake… I sure hope you are having an incredible time. Aloha sweetheart!!! Call me!!!

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