Monday, April 28, 2008


Well... I didn't hear from Alex tonight. I spoke with him 3 times today on his cell phone before they got into the mountains. So maybe he figured since we spoke today, he didn't need to call.
I don't know... I think I'll sell his bed. That'll show him. :)
Hello my Love…
Tues. April 29, 2008 I sure hope you are having a wonderful time. We sure do miss you around here… Well, we took the dogs to the park for a little walk, and all the kids got scared of them and started swatting them with baseball bats. Now they both have only one eye. Poor Daisy. Everyone kept screaming ‘RAT… RAT…RAT!!!” It was like they had never seen a bald dog before!!! We felt sorry for the dogs, so we gave them away to the circus. They are having a lovely time. They get to act out an adaptation of “Ratatouille” on the road. They play rats… of course. The new owner assured us he will send pictures. Oh! Dad quit your baseball team. He said “If Alex doesn’t care about his team and runs off to play all week in Hume lake and has a great time and a great vacation with all his friends and favorite teacher… then I get to have fun too… I QUIT!” We are moving to Hawaii. We will leave you our address at the school. Nana will be picking you up, and you have to live with her and Robert! Won’t that be fun??? Still hoping you are having a great time!!! Remember to call me! I have to go pack now. Hawaii awaits!!! Love… Mom, Dad, Will and Johnny


  1. Hello, I'm tagging you! You get to come out and play (if you want)


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