Thursday, April 3, 2008

I made my mind up about High School for Will!

Well, its decided... yeah, yeah, I know... even though I paid the registration fee... I have decided to send Will to ACA next year for High School.
Today, at Alex's play, a bunch of Mama's and I were chatting and their older kids all transferred to ACA for High School. They made the school sound like heaven on earth. So, I called, spoke to Admissions, set up the time for Will's placement test, and our meeting with the school faculty and got the ball rolling.
There are bunch of steps to take before it is all confirmed... but at least I made a decision. It was really bugging me!
They have an awesome athletic program and only about 600 students total from 7-12 grade. So the student to teacher ratio is gonna be awesome.
Mama might have to get a J-O-B to cover tuition... or just step up my Pampered chef biz 3 fold.
Let's hope I don't have to do either. I haven't had a real job in 15 years. After owning my own biz for 8 years, I would make an awful employee!
Maybe I'll start my own company! I have always wanted to teach customer service skills and interviewing skills to people! Who knows!
So, I bought a bunch of yarn today... gonna make a couple afghans for the kids teachers for end of year gifts. I'm happy... tired.. but happy.
Tomorrow is Friday... and the calendar is


  1. I'm glad somebody made up their mind. I suppose I will be on a fence until Luke actually starts HS and then I will still be wondering if I made the right decision. Good Luck!

  2. Girlfriend.....You have had a "real job" for the past 15 years, its called taking care of your family. It is the hardest job in the world with the greatest rewards. You have done an excellent job raising your "4" children. (yes 4, I include husbands) I think you will be happy with your choice. Everyone I know that sent their kids to ACA were very happy.

  3. Thanks Charmed...
    I needed that. My oldest is 44 and he is the biggest baby of them all! Shheeeesh!

    DeeDee, I'll let you know how it is so you can send Luke to ACA too, then I will take them both to school for us! Carpool!


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