Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Start your own blog!!!

I love this blog thing.
Having kept a journal all my life, I feel like this is the single best way to keep track of day to day things in this day and age., and since I learned that I can have it printed and bound
in book form anytime I want, it's even better!
I know that sometimes, there will be some posts I will be more proud of than others, but it's honest nonetheless.
I know I have ranted and raved, ruffled a few feathers, and made people feel better and bragged on my babies. I look forward to reading this in the years to come and reminisce about something I would have forgotten otherwise.
What I am getting at is this...
If you haven't already started your own blog... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!
It really only takes up minutes of your day at a time. It is time all to yourself, and it will be a great read for your family and friends someday!
It doesn't have to be a long, drawn out "talky" blog like mine... on the contrary! I know people see the length of my posts and just say "Yeesh, that's too much!" and don't read it all (Bill).
I have NEVER been a short and sweet type of girl.
Even if you start a blog to just jot down the things your kids say everyday, it would be a great blog!
Or just a day to day schedule, even if you don't open it up for the world to see, you can keep it to just those you invite to read it, and no one else will get to read it.
I wish, so much, I would have started this thing years ago.
Each year, on the kids' birthdays, I write them a letter, and put it away in a file for them, and we crawl on my bed on the evening of their birthday, and I read them the previous years letters. They LOVE hearing about themselves, how much more do they love this??? SSSSOOOO MUCH MORE!!!
They ask everyday what I wrote about them today. The funny thing is, I have actually overheard them whisper to each other... "NO, don't do that, or she will post it on her blog!" Even Bill has curbed the ammunition he gives me! It's hilarious!
Hmmmm. Blog as behavior modification. I like it!!!
Start one now!!!
It's FREE, it's easy, and it's worth it!
Love to all

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