Friday, April 4, 2008

Playing Catch Up

This past week, no scratch that... this past month has been a whirlwind of activity.
I needed a mental break last night and decided to check out my ever expanding DVR (Tivo-ish) recordings and just veg out.
I had Dancing W/Stars, and Idol, and Oprah's oh my! I deleted lots of shows because, truly, were they worth it?? NO!
Sometimes an Oprah show will catch my attention and I will actually watch it...(remember my hair cutting experiment... yeah...)
So one of her episodes I didn't delete was the one about the pregnant dude.
Well, I knew from the title that the dude HAD to have been a woman some time in his/her lifetime, and sure enough, he/she was.
Here's what I can't figure out... the media and Oprah keep calling her a man... he/she may look like one, but he/she has a UTERUS, AND OVARIES AND A FALLOPIAN TUBE, & in my book, he/she's a girl that LOOKS like a man, having a baby.
I would have LOVED it if Bill could have had a couple of kids for us... I would have had 6! BUT... HE DOESN'T HAVE THE RIGHT PLUMBING, because HE'S a MAN!
I just really wanted to scream at the TV and shake them up and tell them to stop calling that very nice person on the TV that looked like a man, but had indoor plumbing... a MAN!
They made it sound like a REAL man was pregnant, and I was like...yahoooo, maybe I will have a few more kids... "Honey... whatcha doin for the next 9 months?"
I don't mean to sound like a prude. That girl had her breasts removed and took testosterone and grew a little bit of outdoor plumbing, and grew facial hair and wears men's clothing... fine... whatever floats his/her boat. Live and let live and all that stuff.
But to say "A man is pregant" is not the whole truth, and it insults me as a woman.
Oprah should know better than that.
I guess it's all about the "hook" for TV and not truth.
I hope that person's baby is happy and healthy and lives well. I also hope it knows that "Daddy" is really part "Mama".
Now if a guy really got pregant, and was having a baby... THAT would be news, and I would want to be that guys AGENT! Wow!
I am just supremely happy that I am a woman.
I am woman, and I just roared.
Happy Friday All!


  1. I saw that and deleted it too. I just don't find that entertaining.

  2. I too have several shows on my DVR that are patiently waiting for me to watch them. As for the pregant man/lady I wish people would think of how the child will feel introducing his mother as his father. What a crazy world we live in.

  3. Charmed... I whole heartedly agree.

    Letti, good thing you deleted it. You didn't miss anything.


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