Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Doesn't this background just make you want to dive right in?
For those of you that know me well, and have been in my backyard, know that I call the part that the motorhome sits in "TJ" short for Tijuana.
For the last 15 years it has looked like a TJ shanty town. BUT NO MORE!!!
Bill and the boys, for some odd reason, got on it today
and are in the process of clearing ALL the debris away! I can't believe it!
I don't know why everything has to be a long drawn out process in our family,
and 15 years a loooonnng time.
But! I think last week I made a comment that has been sitting with Bill.
He was on a 3 hour commute home from Ventura (with traffic, of course)
and I was saying how wonderful it would be to be able to have
Johnny and Alex's classes over for end of year parties,
but I couldn't do that because TJ is so terrible
and the fence that was supposed to be covering the mess
has been slowly falling down in all the winds,
AND it would be too much a liability to have all those kids
rummaging around if they got bored in the pool.
What I think got him thinking it was time to clean it was this statement.
"TJ(the side yard, not the city) does not reflect us as a family.
We are better than that."
And he said
"Yeah, you know what? You're right!"
I almost choked!
Get this!
Yesterday, he and the boys cleaned our orchard out!
As a thank you from Mama,
I made them homemade bread (Focaccia) today, and a feast for lunch too.
I picked a bunch of apples from our apple tree
and have an apple crumble in the oven
as I type.
Hey,I'm a wop, and we show love by cooking for the ones we love.
Shoot! My camera's battery is dead. I wanted to get pictures,
but it should be charged before the sun goes down.
I am a very happy woman right now! PMS and all!


  1. Saundra - congrats on the book - that's really exciting and on getting the yards on both sides cleaned out - sounds like their rewards was real sweet - yum yum - Love to all Max

  2. Max, did you notice the new pictures of the boys on magazine covers?


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