Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My boys are too much!

So last week, when I had to drop off the last of my paperwork to the school
so we could get our interview, Alex and Johnny were in the car with me.
William went to deliver the paperwork while the rest of us waited in the parking lot.
Much to my chagrin, Alex begged me to send him to ACA in 7th grade not 9th.
No, I wasn't upset because he asked, I was miffed at the REASON WHY!
Before I get to the reason why, I also noticed that
Johnny was doing a lot of giggling in the back seat of the car,
and saying an old saying "Hubba Hubba".
When I asked him why he was saying that,
he told me to turn my head to the left.
I obliged.
What I saw were 6 lovely teenaged girls talking around
an adorable baby blue Convertible VW Bug.
They were also waving and blowing kisses BACK at Johnny!
I began to get suspicious as to why Alex was so hot to go this school, and when I turned around, I saw the reason all over his face.
Then he said... "The girls here are HOT!"
I died.
There you have it.
My two younger ones see the potential of a school by the female population.
THANK GOD William didn't answer with that yesterday during the interview whenhe was asked why he wanted to attend ACA.
Oy Vay!
Yeah, still thinkin home schooling will be the way to go with Johnny. ha ha!
He scares me.


  1. You could always dress him up like a girl, that way he is too embarrassed to talk to any!
    Congratulations on Will getting in!



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