Friday, June 20, 2008

We're back!

Whew! We are back from the beach and boy do I wish I was back there!
This heat is UNBEARABLE!
It was only 75 at the beach all week! It was perfection!
We all have a bit of sun poisoning today, but we will be all better tomorrow.
I tore off my pinky nail yesterday. The entire nail. It. hurts. so. badly!
Letti just left a few moments ago from delivering a huge casserole for us for dinner because of my hurt pinky. Thanks Letti! It is so appreciated! You have no idea!
I have such great people around me!
I am typing very slowly. I can't hit the pinky letters, so it's hunt and peck for a few weeks, I'm afraid. Air hurts my finger.
I have so much to tell you about our week at the beach!
I just can't bring myself to type that much today.
But let me just tell you it involves son stealers and my boys!
More later!


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