Monday, September 14, 2009

Alex's injury

Last week was a very interesting week... to say the least.
Monday, at football practice, Alex gets into the car with hurt hand... He is able to move it,
got some ice on it... we thought it was just sprained... it wasn't very swollen...
a couple of Tylenol, and a few days and he'd be as good as new....
Soooo not the case!
On Tuesday, I get a frantic phone call from William, telling me the Sports Medicine dude on staff at the school needed to take some xrays of his hand, he thought it may be broken...
I'm all... "Whaaaat?"
It was fine this morning... not swollen, and he even said it didn't hurt so much!
Then... I rushed over from picking Johnny up from school... and took one look at his hand...
and gasped...
I took him straight to Urgent Care around the corner from their school, they took X-rays, and
initally saw nothing.
Upon further scrutiny... they did see a little something, and referred us to an Orthopedist, who said... "I'm afraid there is good news and bad news... The good news... your growth plate wasn't touched at all... the bad news, you'll need a cast for 3 weeks."
I THOUGHT it was great news!!!
I was thinking 6 weeks... out from sports, damaged growth plate... all the bad stuff...
and it turns out...he'll have absolutely no lasting damage, should heal in no time flat...
AND he can already play football this week, as long as they CLUB up the cast!!!
Sooo cool!
Soccer won't allow us to play with a Club
(a huge, soft, bandage, like a socker bopper, so as not to hurt anyone else)...
I soooo hate Rec Sports!
I want Alex to wait the full three weeks... but Dad and coaches say they do it all the time,
and it's safe...
I'll just do a lot of praying and closing of my eyes.
The pictures below are out of order, cuz I never remember to click on them backwards...
Stuff before the casting starts...
Cute dude nurse putting on Alex's cast... yes... he CHOSE lime green... weirdo...
The interim cast to immobilize him before the Ortho appt. Ever the team player... he wore his spirit jersey to school for his team...
The lovely picture of his hand on the computer. The arrow isn't pointing to the break... the break is about two inches above it, on three fingers.
Look at the difference in size!!! Yikes!
The day after, at Williams first Varsity game, at the schools Annual Family Picnic and BBQ...
The cast was FULL of signatures by night's end...
90% from girls... SENIOR girls...
What IS that!!! They have to know he is only 13!!!!
My life is over...
Help me.


  1. At least he can still play although I'm with you, he should be resting it and taking easy. Of course, I'm a mom to girls so what do I know? Glad that he was able to get the sympathy of the girls. Nothing like a lime green cast to get the attention!

    Hope his hand heals quickly.

  2. Bummer he got hurt! Our Rec league will allow kids with arm cast to play if it is wrapped in bubble wrap. :)

  3. Are all three boys playing football this season? I have a feeling you are going to be one busy mom... Good luck and keep saying those prayers!

  4. I hope your son heals quickly. Recreational sports organizations don't want to be sued because you and I both know if another kid got scratched from the club on the soccer field, a crazy parent would be screaming lawsuit. Crazy.

  5. "My life is over Help me!" LOL that made me laugh. He sure looks like trooper in these pictures.

  6. Glad you wrote about the girls. While reading your post I was thinking of my comment: with this cast will come the girls and the signatures {maybe phone numbers}. Yikes! Hope he heals quickly and gets back on the field. I hope you can field all those phone calls from senior girls. Take care.

  7. Oh, doesn't it just make you ache when they're hurt?? I cry over kids I've never even met when there's an injury on the football field. Hope he heals quickly and glad he's getting female attention for his trouble.

    I'll be thinking of you this evening. I'm working our version of the Snack Shack!


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