Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Writers Workshop 9-16-09

Writers Workshop... here we are again... I just love this stuff!
I really do!
Here are the prompt MamaKat gave us to work with this week...
1. If you give Mama a moment...
"nuff said...
If your pet could talk
, what would you want to know?
* This one is a doozy.
I have sooo many question for my dogs Jack and Daisy...
For instance...
My number one question... the one that seems to just 'say it all' is...
Come on... you know what it is... I don't really need to ask do I?
Now.. when I ask this question... you HAVE to understand that I live with 4 MEN!
There is an awful lot of lude and crude jokes in my home... ad nauseum.
It is the nature of the beast... I've stopped trying to fight it, and realized a long time ago
that this is a necessary evil. If they get it all out in my home, and don't say it outside my home... I'm fine... I can deal with it.
So here goes.
Jack, Daisy... men say all the time, that if they could reach themselves "vay down dere", they would never leave the house...
So, the question is...
"How do you function normally, and not do that 24/7?" Because according to
Saturday Night Live, and every "dude" show on the planet... THAT particular act is why men take yoga and gymnastics... for flexibility... if you know what I mean.
HEY... don't judge... MamaKat asked a question... and I merely answered her!
I can't stress enough... remember... all men here!
These questions come up all the time!
Especially when the darn dogs are orally manipulating themselves right in front of the men.
Okay, truth be told, my boys get all embarrassed and flustered... but my oldest... the 45 year old
LOVES to bring up the fact that dogs have it made in the shade...
#3. If I could focus on 3 things in life and pursue them fully, what would they be and why?
Now, I'm going to answer this assuming it isn't talking about my family... I am going to assume that my family are all brilliant, drug free, alcohol abusing free, stand up, God Fearing men of God, that all have their Master's Degrees and great jobs and great wives and children...
Otherwise, that would be my three goals... each of my kids... having it all in life that is good, wonderful, and fun...
now that my boys are all set...
what 3 things would I pursue and focus on?
Gosh... that's a hard one... there are sooo many things I want/wanted to do!
1. More traveling all over the world. We have been to a lot of places... but more would be better I think... it would certainly help my writing... give me a lot more material, and different perspectives... I have always wanted to visit Egypt, India, Australia, and Tierra Del Fuego.
So yeah... I would pursue having my passport stamped everywhere...
2. I would pursue acquiring beach front property.
Somehow... someway... I will one day open my doors to the beach... I know it.
3. I would learn how to fly commercial airplanes.
Why? Why not!
Then that passport would be stamped for free! and I could take my brilliant, married sons and wonderful daughters in law, and grandchildren with me, to our beach front property and live happily ever after!


  1. Fantastic post. The same question is posed to our to Goldens in our house. I would also love a house on the beach, to travel more, but no flying planes. I hate planes. Something I don't hate? Awards...and I have one for you over at my blog. I hope your son heals quickly from his sports injury. Take care.

  2. if you get that beach property I'm coming to visit!

  3. Ahhhhhh.... beach front property.... my dream too...

  4. Oh, I love coming here to your blog! Your posts always make me chuckle! I think moms are some of the most powerful beings on earth! If only we could fly and vacation on beach properties :)

  5. I'm with you on the traveling thing...faraway and exotic places, even California (if I couldn't afford anything else. I've never made it to the west coast (not even the mid-west!).

    Btw, I love your pet question. lol Let me know if you ever get the answer to that! :)


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