Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun, Food Friday... on Monday.

Okay, Okay, it's not Friday... but I had to get the pictures off my camera before this weeks football and soccer games.
So here is what I did as prep Monday night...
I saute's onions and red peppers (not shown)
Johnny grated cheese for the week in our antique cheese grater... the same one I used when I was a kid...
I made a killer salad
and I made three different kinds of Calzones for lunches for my men this week...
Meatball and Mozzarella, BBQ Chicken and Mexican seasoned chicken, onion and red pepper.
Take THAT Hot Pockets!!!
Oh yeah... I also made bagels for the week! This week was blueberry!
It only took me about 3 hours of work... so save about 20 for the week!
Lunches are made, veggies are cooked, chicken is ready, and bread dough is made for the entire week! So now I am free to attend Football and Soccer games without worry of how long dinner will be to make, or having to fix lunches every night... IT'S DONE! PREP ROCKS!!!!!


  1. OK what time's lunch? :)))
    Miss you Saundra...xoxo

  2. Ok-I knew you were a great mom, with ideas I needed to remember-but COOKING!?!? YOU ARE AMAZING! I am so impressed, my mouth is STILL haning open-your own bagels, and calzones???
    {The salad has me salivating-and it is only 8:30 am, here} WOW!!!!
    Keep the ideas coming-My husband is going to think aliens have taken over my body if I can do HALF of what you do-

  3. Sooooooooooooo drooooooling!!!!!

    I want, no NEED, some of those bagels. ASAP!!!

  4. I'm so very impressed! Now, hand over the bagel recipe, sistah!

  5. All my kids want to come to your house. Seriously that looks yummy!

  6. Any leftover's? It should only take me about seven hours to get there. The calzones would be a great midnight snack for me as I pull into your driveway...

  7. I'm not kidding you need to give me like a copy of your recipe box or something. My life would be so much easier if I could cook half the stuff you cook. I never know what to cook, always looking for new things, but never know where to start.


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