Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

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The official Back To School Photo...
New shoes...
New hair...
New clothes...
Tons of homework...
Back and forth 4 times a day to school,
after school sports...
I need to paint my Expedition yellow and stamp my prices on the car door.
I forgot how much WORK their going to school is!
Ahhh. well... small price to pay for 7 hours of nothing but quiet per day!


  1. Oh to have 7 hours free! Hopefully youre resting before chauffeuring them around!

  2. they look so grown up? How old is your oldest?

  3. What a handsome bunch! And yes, I could do with 7 hours.

  4. When did all this growing up happen?

  5. Beautiful Boys!! Mom's Taxi, leaving the station, all aboard.

  6. Such a handsome bunch of boys! I know what you mean about driving around like crazy. We are finally getting some carpools going to ease the burden.


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