Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why I have begun HATING Wednesdays.

For the last 41 years... Wednesdays were just... you know... Wednesdays.
Nothing too terribly special about them...
Some people, that work outside the home, (those lucky hags)(just kidding...sometimes)
call it 'Hump Day". After Wed. there seems to be a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel and the weekend is just that... much... closer.
Since I have been a stay at home Mama for almost 16 years now... one day just bleeds into the next. Thank God for school, or I'd never know what day or month it was otherwise...
When I was ages 5-10, Wednesdays were a favorite day of mine. My Mom only did hair half a day on Wednesdays, and she was the one to pick me up from school, and we'd go run errands and get ice cream with her after school. Then we'd go home and she would watch General Hospital while playing "Operation" with me.
Wednesdays were so cool then.
And they've been fine all the rest of the years too... except for the past month.
I can't seem to catch a break on Wednesdays... these days.
Allow me to expound...
It all started when my hubby went on "his" vacation to the river to "hunt".
{I use the quotations marks because "I" didn't get a vacation for "me" this year...}
Whatever... I digress...
On September 2, Wednesday, also known as Doomsday around here recently,I was waiting in the carpool lane of my third son's school when I got an urgent phone call from William, telling me, he needs his football jersey early, can I get to his school in 3 minutes... "Sure, I say", but I can't just leave my 10 year old in carpool all evening... so I tell William to hang on, I'd be there as soon as I could.
So I'm waiting in carpool, when OUT OF FREAKING NOWHERE... and gust of 50 MPH wind WHIPS through the entire parking lot, carrying sand and leaves from the open fields surrounding us in the orange groves. I literally can't see in front of my car... and the teachers scramble to get the kids inside, out of the dirt and flying debris, my car is being pelted with twigs, sand, little rocks, paper, cups... all sorts of trash...
It went on for 15 straight minutes... then stopped.
It was soooo weird.
Johnny got into the car with his hair full of sand and gravel, and itchy eyes,
when the phone rings again, and William says his coach is punishing him for not being ready, nevermind, he was sorry he rushed me. Sweet kid... little did he know a mini Armegeddon was ensuing all around me. I called his coach to inform him that we were under the impression that practice was going to be starting at 4:30 and not 3:15 due to the extreme heat, and I had his clean jersey with me... and that he'd better not hold my kid responsible... I was the one that held it at home to get dry. William wanted to take it wet.
That went over well.
I am then informed that William's cleats are broken (how do you break cleats?) and yes, indeed, one was broken in two, (I didn't even ask) so we run over to Big 5, and pick up a pair that cost more than my first car payment. He has a huge foot!
So we rush out the door, to get out of the sweltering heat, into the air conditioned car, and
Johnny opens up his door, smacking my elbow hard, I instinctively turn around in pain, and
Oh my God... I felt soooooooooo bad!!!
He screamed... I screamed, I opened the door, and Thank God, it was only the very tips
and he was fine in a couple of hours...
The following Wednesday, the morning started out all wrong.
We get these school reports all the time, called Edline, on the computer, after each homework assignment or test is taken, and we get results lickety split.
Alex wasn't adjusting as well to the difficult academic program at this school, as well as he was adapting to the social scene at this lovely school... that we pay THROUGH THE NOSE for. If he could get grades in texting, flirting, posse leading, and smiling at every Senior girl on campus... he'd graduate with honors... but reading, writing, math and all the other subjects... not interested. He does just enough to squeak by, and his teachers adore him, so I don't know how accurate a "B" is in one class...
Needless to say, I was not happy with the results of his first week, and a "Come to Jesus" was the morning routine that morning.
THEN!! the freeway is completely stopped... and I have to take the side roads the 10 miles to school... fine...we were making great time... he was a little whiny, but I think he got the message of what needed to be done...
We got to school on time, dropped them all off, went to pick up Johnny again, and got YET ANOTHER phone call... urgent... "Mom, Alex hurt his hand during football practice, the Sports Medicine Guy here at school says he needs to have Xrays right away.. how far away are you?"
So, no sand storm this time, but of course, Johnny's class was the LAST one out that day.
So we pick Alex up and went to urgent care.
Once I saw Alex's hand, I knew it was broken, and I was worried about his growth plate, but Thank God it wasn't damaged... they sent recommended an Orthopedic dude for the next day to cast him and see if their X-ray reading was correct.
It was.
Jump ahead to the following Wednesday...
I go to the mailbox to retrieve the plethora of bills that always await us...
and low and behold, an envelope from Loma Linda photo enforcement
shows up.
I was going 38 in a 45 zone, and the light had turned .34 seconds (NOT EVEN A FULL SECOND) AFTER I crossed the line. THE SUN is completely in my eyes in the photo, and they also sent lovely shots of me, my license plate, and a full video of my infraction... and the kids faces were blocked out from the photos... (it's a shame, they are so photogenic)
Remember that day the freeway was all stopped?
I love Wednesdays.
Jump ahead to today...
Alex BROKE his cast in two, pulled it off, our shower backed up, and after 3 different sized line snakes to clear the line, we had to call Roto Rooter to come out tonight at 11 p.m. to clear it to the tune of $200 for the 3 minute job... ( we never hire ANYTHING out...Bill does it all... but couldn't do this one)
A baseball board meeting went wrong and down a bad path,
and Johnny came home from school with a 103 temperature.
I am skipping them from now on!
I am going from Tuesday to Thursday from now on...
Wednesdays can SUCK IT!


  1. Dear Wednesday, please note you have been officially cancelled, and with good flippin' reason.....

  2. Wednesdays are terrible for you, Oh my!!!
    Maybe next Wed. will be better? Maybe??

  3. You poor thing. We have to turn this around. I'm booked the next two Wednesdays, but we should do lunch soon!!! You make me laugh out loud!

    Kathy C

  4. Oh, Saundra, I am so sorry. I hope your son is better soon and No More Crummy Wednesdays.


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