Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The ear, the fear, and the end is near...

I hate not being able to post on my blog when I want to.
I have been down with a terrible ear infection for the past 10 days straight... and yesterday,
all ... day... long... I was shuffled from one specialist to another about my hearing loss, effusion, and WHY on earth, is a 41 year old getting ear infections once per year???
The answer?? an inconclusive... "We can't figure it out... maybe it's allergies, maybe it's something else".
Thanks for narrowing it down for me Docs! I see where all that schooling came in real handy!
My entire family is on the healthiest eating regimen we have ever been on, and I KNOW it is the reason I have been able to semi function with this ear thing going on...
I am a good healer... always have been... but I heal sooo much better now that we have
eliminated ALL processed foods, EVERYTHING white, sugar, flour, rices, and completely switched 100% to brown and dark foods... and we eat our weights in fruits and veggies
all the time. I mean... TONS of fruits and veggies.
I buy 5 watermelons a week, AND WE EAT THEM!
I buy 10 cantaloupe, 30 each of peaches, nectarines, apples, pears, AND WE EAT THEM! ALL!
Butternut squash is my new best friend... I buy 4 a week and make soup out of it...
I buy ground turkey instead of ground beef,
My ankles are never swollen anymore,
my rings are slipping off my fingers,
all my shoes fit, all the time.
PMS is a thing of the past,
yet... I still got this stupid ear infection... like I have been for the past 4 years in a row...
and it's debilitating!!!
Because of this infection, I have 55% hearing loss in my left ear, and they 'hope' it'll come back!
It WILL come back...
case closed!
Drs. Doom and Drs. Gloom are so depressing!
No, I won't accept that... won't even let them put it out into the universe!
I need to find me a good Eastern Medicine doctor that does both.
Alex tore his cast off... today was the day he was supposed to get it off, and he decided it was going to be earlier. That kid.
He leaves for Catalina tomorrow for the Seventh grade Science trip, so I'm sure that was his motivation for ripping it off early...
He's back to playing football and soccer and is happy now.
Boys are SO MUCH FUN!!!
My house is a mess... I've been babying my ear, and now it's time for some Mrs. Clean action.
I'm going to go listen to my Ipod blaster with my one good ear, (it sounds like everything is on Mono mode) and vacuum, dust and scrub some sinks...
I know... you are sooo jealous of my glamorous life... don't hate...
I'll let you come over do this for me if you like...
so you won't feel left out of all this fabulosity...
Thanks for listening...


  1. ((hugs)))..I had to say I love love your banner!! Oh my girl..yepper, all signs that you are Italian..LOL..

    Love from another Italian!!

    ciao bella

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog, and from one Dago to another, I love it!! I've been sitting her for over half an hour going over some of your archives. I have a feeling I'll be losing a few hours of my life this week reading through the rest! ;-)

    Chi mangia bene, vive bene!


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