Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Writer's Workshop 10-1-09

Mamakat's Writers Workshop was a little different this week... There are pictures included!
So I chose the prompt that asked to create a conversation between one of the pictures below...
Well, I decided to do all three pictures...
What fun!
Here goes!
Fred- "It was RIGHT HERE!...Sophia, I swear! Your Anniversay gift was RIGHT HERE! I was going to surprise you with it, out here in this field... a dear or a chipmunk must have taken it! Oh, it was so nice too... and diamond tennis bracelet, all baguettes... set in white gold... IT WAS RIGHT HERE!!!"
'You believe me... don't you?"
FRED - "Come on honey... forgive me... I DID NOT FORGET OUR ANNIVERSARY! I swear... I had a picnic all set up in the field... and your diamond tennis bracelet was in your sandwich!"
SOPHIA - "Uh huh... sure it was, Fred... You know... I don't NEED extravagant gifts... the picnic would have been great... but for you to lie about buying me an extravagant gift is just too much... stop kissing me... and by the way... WHO LEAVES A DIAMOND BRACELET ON A FIELD?" SOPHIA - "I'm hurt and angry Fred... I'm not a fool... you forgot and you are making this whole thing up..." FRED - {{thinking in his head}} Whew... she'll get over it, and I'll be off the hook for another year... I need to come up with a better lie next year... *** Saundra - Me? Cynical? You bet!!!


  1. I would have actually expected a bracelet after that! too funny!

  2. Great conversations. I chose the same prompt. Our husbands bring out the best in us don't they? Have a wonderful day and take care.

  3. LOL!!!

    My hubby buys me jewelry ALL THE TIME! This was so not a conversation we have had in real life...

    He does, however, forget to do anything for my Bday... except my 40th, he threw me a huge surprise party...


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