Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun Food Friday!

Okay... so now our kitchen have "centers" for baking, coffee, spices, canned goods, oil bottles are filled, salt bins are filled, and MAYBE? some onions or other goodies have been pre-chopped/sliced?
Now let's get to some other ideas for things...
How about school lunches?
Do your kids balk at certain food items?
Do they say they like a food one minute, and then when they take it to school, they trade it or don't eat it, saying they don't like a certain type of food, (when they just told you they love it?)
It's typical.
Number one... I taught my kids (oookkkaaayyy... scared them to, I admit it) that they should NEVER trade food items with other people... they may have touched their nose, or other region, and not washed their hands before making their kids lunch... or that ding dong my kids aren't allowed to eat, may look appetizing... but it could have been sitting in a hot car for a just never know.
I tell them... when you get food from home, you KNOW I always wash my hands before handling food, and most of the time, wear gloves because my kids like spicy food, and don't want to inadvertantly touch my eyes later in the day and burn my eyeball out!
Step one's trading crisis averted...
Click Here and Here for some lunch ideas...
I have a drawer in the kitchen set up specifically for their pretzel pack, and fruit snacks.
I don't buy chips or twinkies or any snack cake food at all.
Load up on fruit... fresh or frozen... and your kids will stay healthy all year long.
The Japanese have it right!
Have you seen or heard of Bento Boxes?
They are fabulous boxes, sectioned off, with an entire lunch ready to eat.
Hot, cold, no matter...the lunch looks like a REAL MEAL... and not some malnutritious mess.
I truly believe that if our kids washed their hands often and ate more organic, fresh produce... the super bugs wouldn't be so super any longer.
Our grocery bill has been cut in HALF because of our new way of eating.
70% fresh fruits and veggies, and only a small amount of bread and meat, and eaten only at lunchtime for the bread and meats...
Every night we FEAST on HUGE bowls of cut up fruit, and fresh veggie homemade soups.
Oops.. of subject... sorry...
So... stock up on lunch faves when they are on sale... and make lunch at school a healthy, happy, sweet time for our kids!


  1. You sound on the right path to healthy eating. My girls almost always eat a sandwich, fruit and a small snack of some kind in their school lunch. Those bento boxes are neat. I wonder if either of my girls would use one?? The high schooler might not, but the middle schooler might.

  2. I am a stickler for clean hands. It hate when people come out of my bathroom and don't wash. I listen for the water so I know if they did or not. SOme people really surprise me. I love all of your lunch ideas.


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