Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Anger management should be a requirement for fame and fortune...

There sure is a whole lot of anger going on lately...
Serena Williams pulled a John McEnroe, Wilson calls out the Pres, and Kanye had his nose so far up Jay-Z's butt, he interrupted Taylor Swift onstage...
My Yahoo homepage has been very busy these days... with headlines of the latest outburst...
I didn't actually "see" these things go on, but I did view the You-Tubes of them.
Each and every one of these people obviously have NOTHING else to do with their lives, than to make rude comments and totally give in to diarrhea of the mouth.
They have SO MUCH MONEY, so much adoration, so much... STUFF... they need to make
fools of themselves...
I get being angry.
I have three sons, (four if you count my hubby) remember?
I know anger, I know frustration, I know how completely unnerving it is to constantly repeat myself... day in and day out, I know how hard it is to raise kids these days...
What I don't know... is how to have soooo much money, soooo much influence, soooo much privilege that I start to allow myself to think that I can DO WHATEVER, SAY WHATEVER,
BE WHOMEVER I choose to be IN PUBLIC, on TV!
That's what I don't know.
So... I get being angry... we all do it.
We have all made mistakes...
I make them every day.
But to walk up onto a stage, take a microphone from a young girl and DISS her in front of millions... is just inexcusable.
When I wasn't happy about the leader of the free world in the past... I would NEVER... publicly
call him a liar... OR throw shoes at him... no matter how much I despised him.
Serena was upset... I get it... but you don't threaten to shove a ball down someone's throat on TV. You HAVE to know it's televised...
come on!!!
No, I'm not a musician, or a political figure or a sports star... but
there are LOTS of people in the public eye that mind their p's and q's.
I'm old school.
Just be cool in front of the camera.
What Beyonce did on stage, gave me hope for the future generation.
Her Mama raised her right.
I hear Taylor Swift won't be making comment about the incident... her Mama raised her right.
Kanye's Mama is gone... but I would hope she would slap him silly.
I know that there's no such thing as 'bad publicity'... that ANY publicity is good publicity...
but there are kids watching, and lots of parents don't see what went on as
bad... and that makes me sad.
Nowadays... EVERYONE has a camera.
EVERYONE has access to a computer... and most of them know how to post a video clip on it.
If these people are acting out this way in public... can you imagine what they are like
behind closed doors?
Nothing is sacred any longer.
It makes me especially angry when people with so many blessings act the fool.
They have an opportunity to teach and be someone positive for young ones to look up to...
and yet they balk and say... "I didn't ask to be a role model... I just want to do what I do and make my money"... too bad... money, influence and fame are a responsibility... in my book.
Bad form Kanye,
Bad form Serena,
Bad form Wilson...
Grow the heck up!


  1. Amen sister!

    Beyonce and Taylor are both lovely, classy women. Lots to be proud of there!

  2. Amen. And Amen. I was shaking my head reading this. Seriously. How did it happen (thinking they could act like that)?

  3. I couldn't have said it better. They all need to grow up!!!

  4. Agreed!!!

    Sorry to hear about Alex...hope he heals up quick!

  5. There are a lot of naughty celebs lately!

  6. I have no idea what-all happened, but whoever it is could use a dose of you, Saundra----and they'd be lucky to get it


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