Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11, 2001

Click HERE is where I was when the Twin Towers went down...
We will NEVER forget.


  1. Oh, I remember REAL well....and I am an Aussie who was living in the most exclusive beach town in the country, a place that doesn't care about the world, but had (at that time, don't know now) values that were wonderful: no multi-national companies, no Burger King, KFC, international hotels...only local businesses, owned by locals; a totem pole in the main park near the beach representing the three major religions in town: Christianity, Buddhism, Hare Krishnas; a place where the cares of the world were far was my husband at the time. I woke at 4am, and for the first time possibly ever, turned on the tv in the bedroom, and watched a plane fly into a tower....and wondered if I was dreaming. it was the moment the second one was filmed flying in, real time....I wondered what had hit the planet, was it world war 3? My first thought was would my husband and I be separated by this? And where was it happening? And how crazy would it get before it stopped? It was without doubt a "JFK moment."

  2. Thanks for the link to your last year's memorial post. Beautifully written...


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