Monday, January 21, 2008

27 Dresses

I went to see the new movie "27 Dresses today. SSSOOOO cute!!! My favorite part of the movie was seeing all the great clothes the 2 leading ladies wore. Oh My Gosh, they were awesome. I came right home and drank water and ate a saltine for dinner. We'll see how long that lasts!! HA!
Anyway, while the movie was very good, and by my standards, that's not saying much... I like almost all movies I see, what happened in the movie theater was completely ridiculous, and could only happen to me. It is just my luck. :)
First of all, let me say that I took my monkeys with me. They went to see Alvin & the Chipmunks (I can't listen to those voices, Johnny talks like them all the time), and I wanted to see 27 dresses. A "movie for Mom" day.
When I walked into the theater, it was bliss. I WAS THE ONLY ONE IN THERE!!! So I carefully chose my seat. Not too far up, not too far back, my head could stay straight, no having to look up, you know the drill. I took my time and found THE perfect seat.
Aah! Movie for One!!! Yahhooo! I settled in. I took out my water bottle I smuggled in...(I am not going to pay $5 for a water... yes, I took my own in, so there!) Popped in a mint to help clear my nose, turned my cell phone to vibrate, (but really, who would care, I WAS ALONE!), put my feet up and giggled at the dancing food on the screen.
Then... out of the corner of my eye... I see movement! NOOOOO! 2 people came into MY movie theater. No worries, there were lots of seats. I won't be bothered. But no! Remember Uncle Vito's Law!!! If something can go wrong, ita mosta certainlya willa! (Murphy's Law, yeah, yeah, I know... but Italians take credit for everything, so it's Uncle Vito's Law in my family) Well, these two party crashers walked RIGHT INTO MY ROW!!! I stared at them incredulously and just smiled and looked straight ahead again. Then my eye spots 4 more people, and what do they do?? Yep... right in my row!!! Not only did they come in MY row... but they didn't even bother to go around, they cut in front of me and my other 2 row mates!!!
I was dismayed until... yep, 3 more and they sat in my row too. So here are the standings so far... 200 seat theater, 10 people, all in the same row. By this time I am starting to think I am being Punked, or X'd or am on Candid Camera, because this CANNOT be happening!!!
A few more people come in, and then I started to laugh out loud!! The people sat in my row again!!! So I stood up, turned around, got their attention and said, (laughing of course) "ARE YOU ALL KIDDING ME?" "IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE REST OF THE THEATER?" "DID YOU FEEL SORRY FOR ME BEING ALONE?? I'M NOT!! MY KIDS ARE AT ANOTHER MOVIE!" We all started busting up! One couple spoke up and said they thought it was strange too, but sat in this row because they thought we knew something they didn't!
So before all the trailers started... I started saying really loud to all my row mates. "You just wait, I'm gonna go to the bathroom 5 times during the movie, I'm gonna turn my phone to loud and call my kids in the other theater, and I'm gonna go get popcorn and soda twice, so there!" We all giggled.
It was a very enjoyable way to watch a movie. 12 or so strangers... bound by one row of seats, laughing together, wondering what lurks in all the other seats.
Three sweet ladies told me I never have to go to a movie alone again if I don't want to. One gave me her card and told me to give her a jingle if I ever wanted to meet here for a movie again.
Yep... 2008,
Cell phones, DVR's, overscheduled lives, always rushing around, and still
a little bit of love and giving.
I didn't have the heart to tell her I LOVE doing something ALL BY MYSELF sometimes...
I just told her I just might take her up on that!!! Thanks Louise! You're a doll!

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