Monday, January 14, 2008

Back to "Normal"

Well, It's back to work time. Mama work that is. The carpooling, the Tae Kwon Do lessons, the library to look up "Fungus". Fun with Fungus. That's what the Science Fair Project Alex and I are doing should be called. We actually have to grow fungus on food, and see which one grows fastest. Any takers? Any guesses? I thing Dairy and Fruit are gonna win hands down over Meat and Grains. Ah, the many ponderings of life. If only those were our only mysteries in life... huh? This is a far cry from my First Class plane ride home yesterday from Dallas. Yep, I upgraded myself to First Class. It a whole other world up at the front of the plane. I got to choose between Champagne and Pepsi... pulleeezzzzeeee!!! Warm towels, little ramekins of mixed, warmed and salted nuts, Filet Mignon with all the trimmings, and fresh baked, warm cookies and a flute of milk for dessert. Yep, you can have coach. First Class Rocks!!! No wonder they pull the curtain during the flight. There would be a revolt from the back if they saw all the pampering. HEY!!! I'm a Pampered Chef... I deserve a Pampered flight from now on!!! Yeah... that works for me. It is good to be home. It takes me a few days to get in the swing of things. It's hard to go from Room Service to cooking meals, and maid service to being the maid. Then there is the whole... "Mooooom, William's looking at me!" and the "Moooom, Johnny ate my breakfast again..." and so on!! Oh! I forgot to tell you. My mom read my post about Italian Superstition, and she insists I am delusional. There was absolutely no way that any of those things were ever uttered from her mouth... HOWEVER... it IS good luck, she says, to put money in the babies hand at birth, and I wasn't allowed to touch MY face during a sneeze during pregnancy...Yeah, Ma, You didn't say any of those things. Okay... I'll change it in the post. How do you spell denial??? M-Y-M-A-M-A. I love you more than my luggage MA!!!


  1. First class huh. I am jealous. Tell your mom we still love her superstitions and all.

  2. She was SO funny about the post. Totally in denial, but with a little smirk. I told her I would never put the embarassing stuff our family did in the blog. That would be disrespectful, but she had to admit, it would make for great reading, because her family is full of nut jobs, but in a good way! They do things that are hilarious and don't even know it!


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