Friday, January 18, 2008

AAAAhhh Friday Night

I love Friday nights. I always have. Such promise of a productive weekend. I used to be in Drillteam/DanceTeam at Fohi way back when in the 80's, and Friday nights were "Game Night" and we would perform at Half Time on the Field. Friday Night in Fontana was a must. If you weren't at our AWESOME stadium, you weren't doing anything important. And so the feeling lingers. Even though I am MUCH older now, with Grand Canyon growing on my forehead, too short, newly cut bangs, (bangs people... bangs!) 3 kids, I still get a little giddy at the prospect of picking the kids up from school and KNOWING we are FREE for a couple of days!!! What to do!!! What to do!!! A movie? A jaunt to the snow? A frolic over the library to get a head start on Science Fair Projects??? Planting dynamite in my office and garage and start from scratch??? Yeah baby, that's the ticket! I am DREADING cleaning out my office. Hey... you know what! I have a friend that touts that she loves to organize stuff! OH!!! And the best part is... SHE LIVES 2 DOORS DOWN FROM ME!!! Nah! I'm just kidding. I could never pull somebody outside my family into my horror or horrors of an office. My garage is lawsuit waiting to happen. Maybe I'll just take her shopping with me to get some really cool organizational "MUST HAVES". Are there such things as Yard Sales, but IN the house? You know... like... I could have a sign out front that reads "OFFICE JUNK SALE" and a red carpet, my kids greeting the prospective "crap taker outters" like celebrities and asking them, like on the red carpet, what they hope to leave with today... and with every purchase of junk, they can take home a wonderful, neatly stacked stack of used paper to use as kindling!!! When did it become necessary to have... oh, I don't know... 100 pens and pencils? Do I REALLY need post it notes in EVERY SINGLE COLOR OF THE RAINBOW? Do I really have to keep the receipt from Ed's where I bought a Sprite last year?? How many bottles of Purell is too many? My office is approximately 4 ft x 8 ft. Small, and it looks like I run a Multi million dollar conglomerate!!! I don't know what color my desk is, and I have THREE (3) III, of those long cord plug in thingys for all the electronic stuff shoved into every nook and cranny of this little piece of heaven! The rest of my house is surprisingly tidy. I am a total purger of the unnecessary in the rest of my house. They say "clean desk is a sign of a sick mind", so I must be positively enlightened!!! What to do... What to do... BUT WAIT!!! It's Friday!!! The day of infinite possibilities!!! OH! AND THE KIDS HAVE A 3 DAY WEEKEND!!! Yahhooooo!!!! I wonder how much dynamite I'll need for this small of an office space.. hmmmmm.


  1. I would LOVE!!!!!! to come and help you organize.

  2. I clean my office all the time...but it never stays why do iy....thats what I


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