Thursday, January 24, 2008


It's raining here in Cali. Why? I don't know. I suppose we need it... with the drought and all. I would hate to get a ticket for watering my lawn. It happened in the 80's. My dad was watering our lawn out front one hot day... we had just come back from a 2 week long vacation, and apparently they were rationing water, AND ISSUING TICKETS for watering on a non specified day. Too funny! and sad at the same time!
My boys, (affectionately called my Monkeys) use a LOT of product in their hair. With my Mama being a Hairdresser and all, I am forever having her experiment on their hair... bleaching it, frosting it (oh! excuse me NOT frosting it, that's too girly, HIGHLIGHTING it) (Like that's any better! ha!) and cutting it on certain angles. It's fun, for me anyway! They hate it, I offer money, they oblige, everyone's happy. It's getting a little harder nowadays, they are getting older and a few bucks isn't doin it anymore, they are into $20 and $50 zones now... so now their hair is just their normal color. Until Summer anyway. he he he!
ANYWAY... they use a lot of product. Gels, hairsprays, mousse etc... Imagine how awful it would be if they were girls!!! My house would be full of even more junk for hair than I already have!
It usually doesn't rain much here. Have you ever tried to wash, comb, or brush hair with tons of product on it after rain has hit it? It needs a chisel!!! So gross!
Today, they got into the car after school and their hair looked like it hadn't been washed in months!!! Goopy and sloppy. UGH! My boys like their hair just so, mostly spiked. I asked them if they got caught in a wind tunnel full of olive oil and they took one look at their hair, and started busting up. THEY LOVED IT!!!
Is grunge still in? I hope not. They had worse than bed head. I told them the rain was acid rain and they stopped laughing. Then I started laughing!!!!!
Needless to say, they took showers immediately after we got home. Don't worry, I told them it wasn't acid rain for real...(but ya gotta know we do have acid rain... right?)
I have curly hair, and rain is havoc on it. Nothin but frizz and knots from my hairspray.
I can just hear my mom in my mind saying "See, if you let me cut your hair short, you won't have to worry about all that wear and tear on your tresses."
My bangs are super curly, thank you very much!!! Bangs... jeez.
The grass is always greener... huh? Straight haired people want some curl, and vice versa.
I like the rain... but mostly only when I have a hair dryer near by. Once I decided to put a flat iron to my hair... longing for straight hair... it was easy and fun... then it rained... I looked like a strung out poodle.
I love/hate the rain. Just thought I would vent!
Have a great evening.
Ciao Bellas
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  1. My boys are so anti hair stuff. Every once in a while they will put something in their hair if I make them. Chase says when he sweats it gets in his eyes and thats why he doesn't like it.

  2. "I can just hear my mom in my mind saying "See, if you let me cut your hair short, you won't have to worry about all that wear and tear on your tresses." "

    This made me laugh out loud!! My mother is also a hair dresser, and made me keep my crazy, curly hair short my whole childhood.

    (Can you tell I'm going through your archives? tee hee! I started with the ones labeled "being Italian" of course!)


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