Sunday, January 20, 2008


Have any of you ever watched a show on TV that you would never admit to anyone else? I mean a regular show, on regular cable, not adult content shows? For example... Who watches "America's Next Top Model" or The one about Miss America... "Reality Checked"? Yeah, I knew there were some out there... Here's one I was SHOCKED so many people loved... "The Real Housewives of Orange County". Yeah!!! You know who you are!!! How do I know? I LOVE IT TOO!!! Who needs a magazine to tell me I am inadequate and beneath love if I don't look at certain way... I have the Orange County Housewives on my TV telling me so every single week!!! Johnny, my baby, asked me one night... "Mom, what's wrong with her face. It looks like she got stung by a bee." I gave him a huge kiss and promised him Ice cream the next day. :) My favorite one on the show is Jeana. Why? Because she looks the most REAL! Vicki gives me a migraine and a toothache. The other brunette... I forgot her name... the one whose ex-hubby just died and left his girls nothing... I like her too. Poor Quinn. She is setting women back 50 years with her neediness, if she is gonna choose to continue dating men her sons age... she has to learn to go with the flow. I'm glad Jo is gone... yes, Jo, we know you don't want to get married, blah blah're a career girl...blah, blah, blah. AAAAh and Laurie. Now there is a breath of fresh air. In the intro she says something like... "I've been rich, I've been poor, rich is better". Can I just shout a great big "DUH" out her way??? People, I am all for the saying "Falling in love with a rich man is just as easy as falling in love with a poor man" mentality. Whatever floats your boat and all that. I appreciate Laurie's candor. I really do!!! She hated struggling!!! The work at Vicki's (I would try to find a rich man too just to get out of that place) ,the upkeep on her condo in OC, having to leave her house to get pedicures and manicures, checking the saline level on her implants at a doctor's office waaaaay outside of OC, in Heaven Forbid LA!!!! Oh the horror!!! All that worrying was necessitating more frequent Botox appointments!!! But when she says she met the man of her dreams... I just wonder. If George had left his wallet out of the picture until they were dating a while and NOT bought her a Mercedes after dating 2-3 months, would he still be her Prince Charming? Luckily George is okay looking. He's no Slade, but he's okay. I'm just kidding. I think she is a hoot, and because she is from Idaho, she says she is more grounded than most in OC. I have personally NEVER met any ladies like these ladies on the show. I have lots of friends and acquaintences in OC and they tell me these ladies embarrass them. I get that this is a TV show, and they are fed things to do and say. But I just love that stupid show! It was major part of my "slumber party experience" in Cincy when my roomies and I talked until 3 a.m. If you look at the show another way, you can actually see many of those ladies' characteristics in ourselves and our friends. How many of us has ever had a Vicki moment or day? ME! And who among us hasn't had a Tamra moment and said in the mirror "I deserve it! I'm the hottest 40 yr old in Orange County!" okay, me either... but YEAH, SHE CAN SAY IT AND SHE DID! Her children have some awesome things to tell their kids someday! If I ever got to meet them in person... which I would love to, I am afraid of what I would do. I have a sneaking suspicion I would stare at Lauries lips and try to pop them, I would put in ear plugs just before meeting Vicki, I would totally hug Jeana and the other brunette (I can't remember her name!!!), I would tell Jo to talk to the hand, and I would tell Tamra that she is beautiful. They all are. I love this show because all that stuff looks exhausting, and it makes me love my life even more. Wouldn't it be exhausting to worry every day that your friends and colleagues would think you've failed it if you CHOSE to move from a 6500 sq ft house way down to a 4000 sq ft house? I mean really... people are starving, our troops are overseas, cancer is still around... but STOP THE WORLD because Vicki wanted to downsize and just couldn't do it so she could say she kept up with the Jones. I would love it if I saw these lovely ladies do some charity work on the show. Let me know which show is your Guilty Pleasure. I promise I won't publish it unless you want me too! OH!!! There is a new one coming out... The Real Housewives of New York. Now THAT will be interesting. It's a whole different kind of money out there!!! I love escapism TV!!! CIAO BELLAS!


  1. Hi Saundra,

    It's Kathy C. I've read all of your blogs, although I'm not as faithful as Letti, reading daily.

    It's a joy to read your thoughts. You are a great writer, but what a lot of people may not know, is that you speak the same, well educated way you write. It's as if I'm sitting at your kitchen table. I can hear your voice and visualize your mannerisms. That's what makes your blogs so fun for me.

    Keep at it, you're doing great!

  2. Suandra I will tell you what mine are, Days of Our Lives, Real Housewives of OC, The Hills, Newport Harbor, Life of Ryan, SportCenter. My secrets

  3. Do tell about Newport Harbor and Life of Ryan, I have never heard of them!!! I never pegged you as a Soap Opera person Letti!!!

    My mama loves General Hospital. My middle name is Audrey, after a nurse on that show in the 60's.

    Kathy, YOU are too kind!!! I appreciate your kind words. Thank you so very much.

  4. They are both on MTV. I do not let my kids watch them until after I have seen the episode first. I will only let them watch Life of Ryan. Its about a pro skater who lives in San Clemente. Newport Harbor is about some kids that live in Newport Harbor. I guess I am a kid at heart.

  5. Hi Saundra,

    Your blog is great. If only I could write all my thoughts as well as you. Currently on my TIVO are Days of Our Lives, Grey's Anatomy and The View. The View can get on my nerves sometimes but at least its a forum where strong and smart women can comment on what's going on is this crazy world of ours. I could totally see you on that show....

    Keep up the great BLOG.



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