Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The Goods on the Hubby
His Name - Bill Shaver
How long have we been married - 15 years Oct. 17, 2007
How long did we Date? From the day we met to the day we got married it was 1 and 1/2 years. He proposed after 2 months, but I told him we need to weather each season dating first before making that leap, plus it took my Mom a year to pull the wedding of HER dreams together.
How old is he? 44 almost
How old am I? 40 in June YAHOOOO!
Who eats more sweets? Definitely him... I think he has a monthly cycle. He craves candy bars once per month. hee hee. I am definitely a salty food junkie.
Who said I love you First - Him. I couldn't say it for months and months. I'm not a really romantic type girl. Even after we were married, I wouldn't let him call me his wife. It freaked me out. So here we are on our Honeymoon in Jamaica, and he kept wanting to introduce me and I would just jut out my hand and say... I'm Saundra.
Who is taller? Him, he is 6'2, I am 5'6".
Who can sing better? me... and I can't carry a tune, so imagine how awful he is!!! haahahaha
Who is smarter? He would say me, but I say him. We are both pretty smart cookies.
Who does laundry? me
Who does the dishes? The kids, I haven't emptied a dishwasher in years!
Who pays the bills? I used to for the first 8 years and our pastor said something about letting the man be the man and the true head of the household, and to give up things we "think" he can't handle, so I gave them all to him, and I haven't been happier. He's good at it, he has owned his own house since he was 19, he's very astute. We both make decisions concerning money together, he's a spender, I'm more of a tightwad.
His guilty pleasure? He would say he doesn't have one because he is a working slave all the time... but I would say his guilty pleasure is really violent video games. He knows I HATE them and I have found a few in his computer bag when he asks me to get something out of it for him.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me
Who mows the lawn? Our gardener, of course!
Besides me, who is his best friend... Danny and Carlos
Who cooks dinner?- me, but him on occasion
Who drives? Mostly him, but his commute is 2 hours, sometimes more, one way... so sometimes he is just too tired to drive and he wants me too.
Who asked who out first- We were set up by my Mama, but after we met, he asked me out again.
What was our first date - We saw "Silence of the Lambs" and had dinner at my mom's.
Who proposed- I don't know if he did or not. We were at dinner one night and he asked me what kind of wedding I would want to have when I got married... so i got a napkin and planned it all out... after dinner, I asked him if we just planned our wedding and he said"Yeah, I think we did" I didn't care about a ring. I knew I would get one eventually. We started planning that next week, my mom went into hyper speed, and about 4 months before the wedding he gets on one knee with my ring in a box and asks me to marry him. I, of course, say "Dude, My wedding gown is being picked up next week, do you really think the answer is gonna be "no"?. Yeah, I know... romantic.
Who has more siblings - He has one sister, I have one brother, same, same.
Who wears the pants- I will just say "him' to keep the peace. How's that for an answer.
My favorite thing about him? Ask me another day... I am very upset with him this week.


  1. I'm going to try that"let a amn be a man" and see if my Bill will start doing the bills.

  2. I knew that statement would ruffle a few feathers. It did me when I heard it... but it is so true! I understand that lots of women do the bills, but quite frankly, it is a thankless job, and our pastor, many years ago said that it just isn't the womans job to worry over bills, that it is HIS responsibility to take care of the family, and what the wife does should be HER decision and she should not be forced to do anything. I ran with that, and handed him the check register and never looked back!!! I hope no one was offended, it just worked for me.

  3. I like the man paying the bills too. I have tried to get Darian to do it but he says it's just easier if I do it so I do. I loved reading about Bill Saundra thanks for doing it.

  4. OK... so why are you mad at him??? I pay the bills.

  5. I wasn't offended, Bill said he will send everything out, at one time. Yeah, let's empty the bank account! I also loved reading the little details.

  6. My mom pays the bills too, Almost every woman I know pays them... But I gotta say, when I gave them back over to him, something in him changed. He's more Alpha Male now, and I like it! Rest assured I know the man is the Head of the household... but the woman is the neck, and the head can't turn without the neck. :) There is no right or wrong way, just a personal preference. I stillsee every little thing that happens with the account, and since we pay everything electronically, it is just a tap of the finger to pay the bills now.

    I am mad at him because of something he did, and it is just taking me a while to get over. Jewelry might make me forget... But I'm not sure.

  7. I was once paid the highest compliment by Bob about the bills. He had bought me a piece of jewelry with cash that he'd saved up for over a year of not ordering out for lunch during work. I told him that he should be in charge of our savings!He said he probably wouldn't be able to save if he knew how much the bills were and he had know idea how I juggled everything. Then, when I encouraged him to take over the bills and shopping (clothing, supplies, shoes, etc. - he already helps with groceries) he said he'd probably have to quit his job to do it! How sweet is it that he recognized the labor involved???? I'm so lucky and blessed.

  8. Kathy, that is a huge compliment.

    I had no idea that my not paying the bills any more was going to elicit so many comments.

    I hope I didn't come off as haughty. I was just stating what made me change my mind. I usually NEVER listen to pastors... hee hee, but that time it spoke to me.
    I don't do numbers well, anyway.

  9. Bill / not an Italian daddySunday, February 03, 2008

    Upset with me, thats an understatement if I everheard one. Ha, I haven't eaten at the house since last week, unless the kids were eating the same meal. Can someone say food taster? Oh, that's not the subject here. Paying the bills, yeah, I pay the bills, and without trying to sound like I'm bragging, most of the time I have credits on accounts. The way I figure it if you make a payment for an account, and it's a few days late, they don't charge a late fee, because there was already a credit balance. Make since?

  10. I'm so jealous to have the kids do the dishes. I can't WAIT for that. The best they can do now is get our shoes and beer. They're still in training.


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