Monday, January 28, 2008

The Divine Ms. M

I know, she's brash, loud, comical, boisterous, rude, and baudy... AND I LLLOOVVVEEE HER!
I want to be just like her... except be me, like her, like me... oh heck, you know what I mean.
Caught her on Oprah today, while cooking dinner, and I have to say... at 62 she doesn't look a day over 40!!!
She kicks it old school. Musicals, singing, dancing, jokes... she can do it ALL! I would love to see her show in Vegas. She opens soon. Between her and Manilow, I don't know. They are both pretty fantastic in my book.
Yeah, yeah, Yeah, I know... I'm not supposed to like that stuff. But I do, I do, I do, I do, I do!!!
I think it comes from my 20+ years as a dancer (a real dancer, not a pole dancer... can you imagine!)
Freddie Finn had us dancing to every show tune imaginable, and I LLLOOOVVVEEEDDD IT!
Every single nerd making second of it.
By the time I was 12, I knew every word to every musical from "Singing in the Rain"to"West Side Story", and could name every one of the songs, who danced in it, what steps they were doing and what came next in the dance. It was awesome and very, very, very much something I NEVER admitted in Jr. High. I forced myself to listen to Top 40 music so I could "fit in", but my love of the oldies never waned.
My ultimate favorite is SING, SING, SING written by Louis Prima,(an Italian, ha ha ha!) and performed by Benny Goodman. UNBELIEVABLE music.
I even loved all the music that came out of World War II, the Andrews Sisters. "Bugle Boy of Company B". Our children are sorely missing some really wonderful music.
I try really hard to have my boys listen to at least some of it. They want to go bury their heads, but I think they actually do like it, but it isn't cool to like it, so they say they don't. That's my story and I'm stickin to it.
I just recently purchased all of the Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis DVD's, and a couple of Danny Kaye's movies. THEY LOVE THOSE! Every night the week of Christmas while we were camping at the beach, they BEGGED to watch another one. Mama was so happy. It was just good clean fun, and I never get tired of that.
Hey wait, I was talking about Bette Midler. Huh! I go off on tangents when I write just like I do when I talk!!! Anyway...
I love Bette!
Too cool for words!
Bette, sweetheart, if you are reading this... score me some tickets to your show!!! I love ya!
wink. wink!
Like she's reading this... hmmmmm.
Who else do I love....George Clooney!! Dude!


  1. I saw Bette too. Luke wanted to know who she was...oy. I enjoy your blog.

  2. How can you not love Bette!! I've always loved her. Let's take a girls trip to Vegas and go see her!

  3. Ladies, I have a fabulous time share in Vegas... name the date and time and we are THERE!!!

    Thank you Dee Dee, That means a LOT to me!!!

  4. I loved her in the movie Beaches. I loved all of the songs too.

  5. lol... I love Bette Midler too, though most my age aren't into her (I'm not that young, just 28). I would love to see her in Vegas.

    And Saundra, thanks for inviting me over here. I am very much enjoying your musings!


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