Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dinner Discussion

Hello again!
I hope your three day weekend... if you had one, was well spent.
Now that we are actually back to some sort of routine in my household, I thought I would implement a dinner discussion with the kids and hubby while we are all around the table stuffing our faces. So lately our discussion have been revolving around things like...
Name one favorite family memory in your whole life
Say one thing you love about each member of the family... stuff like that.
So today... someone posed the question, (I was actually ear hussling a conversation at the bank)
and asked her friend... "So do you like the girl your son is going to marry?" I waited for the answer but it was my turn at the ATM so I couldn't listen, Dang it!
But it got me thinking. What would it take... me, an Italian Mama, to like my future Daughters in Law? Hmmmmm. Let me ponder for a moment.
I have my top 5 list... Here goes, and before I type this, please know what an absolute control freak I am, and I rule with lots of good ole fashioned Italian Guilt!
1. I pray my boys marry ORPHANS! Please God, let me be the only Grandma (Nana). I will hate it if she has parents and siblings and all that stuff! I am the Son's Mama, I will never get to see them for Holidays and such if she has a family! What's that stupid saying? "A sons a son 'till he takes a wife, but a daughters a daughter the rest of her life" blah, blah, blah!
2. Please God, let the girl they fall in love with have a history of being a real girl her whole entire life! I'm sure I don't have to elaborate!
3. I sure hope she wants a man who loves his Mama. Because if you love my Son, I will love you forever.
4. Please let her only have her ears pierced! All that other stuff is so distracting, and makes me have pain for them!
5. Please let me be the only Grandma! Oh, did I already say that! Oh well, it's worth another say!
I tease. I don't like thinking about it at all. They are only 13, 11 and 8. I would love it if they waited until they are out of college and have a great job. I think I have to start the brainwashing soon. I wonder if Barnes N Noble has a book on how to get your sons to marry well and with Mama's approval. Nah, if they did, my mother in law would have bought the rights and imbedded it into my hubbys head! Then where would I be!!! Not married to her son... that's for sure!! And she isn't even Italian! ha!
So around the table, they mentioned things like good cook, wants to be a stay at home mom, wants babies, Alex wants an Italian girl, Johnny says she needs to like watching cartoons with him... yeah, he's in trouble ;). Those were pretty good things.
I guess it isn't just Italian Mama's that worry about these things. You know me... I'm not happy unless I have something to lament over! Uncle Vito's rule!
I would love for you to give me some ideas on topics to talk about. Lately I find myself asking myself if every little thing will make a good blog topic. I would love some ideas!
Hit the comment button and let me know!!!
Also, please feel free to forward my blog address to as many people you like! The more the merrier!
Love to all
Amore Tutti!


  1. Two of our recent dinner conversations: Jamie Spear's pregancy and the impact on her and her future baby's life; and politics.

    I used the pregnancy as an opportunity to discuss, oh yes I did, the dreaded, S E X! My oldest just hates discussing anything close to that topic.

    We had a brief discussion about politics too. The kids asked me who I was voting for and I told them I hadn't decided yet. They asked me why and we went on from there. It was interesting to hear the older two's perspective. I asked where they heard that or this and we shared opinions. Of course, I liked the comments most like mine, but really appreciated them sharing the thoughts that were different. It's so important for them to be able to disagree RESPECTFULLY. If you go to these discussions, I hope you share!

  2. Kathy, it is SO refreshing to hear that other Mama's are willing to really dig deep and make our Men, men of honor and respect. It is so lacking in today's society and I feel it is our duty as Mama's of our future to produce men that are capable of having an opposing opinion and still be respectful. It frustrates me when I hear other boys speak like "I did'nt get no respect... man, no respect..." I want my boys to know that respect is earned, not a right.

    Brava to you my friend! I want my boys hanging out with boys who have Mama's like YOU!!!

  3. I remember having my third son and thinking about my future d-i-ls. It was so far in the future, yet I thought a lot about it. I wanted happy d-i-ls. It affected how/what I tried to teach them. I knew I was training future husbands and fathers.
    For my daughters I tried to be a good example, for the boys, I tried to teach them to be the kind of husband/father I would want.
    I failed in some areas and did okay in others. I have great kids that are my closests friends, each picked an incredible mate. I love them and like them all!!! Keep your future d-i-ls in mind often.
    Your well-mannered boys will do just fine, and will continue to bring more joy to you, more than you can imagine!


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