Friday, February 1, 2008


Yikes! What a day!
I finally got my own car back, I was driving a rental for the last month. My car was getting painted because the factory paint wasn't holding well. It was free, so was the rental... too cool!
I had my wedding ring dipped in white gold last week. Took it to Helzberg, where we bought it, and picked it up today. It looks much more modern now with the white gold. So clean and shiny. I didn't know it was an option, I took my ring in to get cleaned last week while waiting for Williams glasses and she accidentally asked me if I was waiting to be helped with dipping my ring in white gold!!! I was intrigued, and did it!!!
Went to the bank... I think they are going to meet me at the door one day and say... "Saundra, we don't want your business here anymore... it costs us more to print the paper for your deposit than you put into this bank!" ha ha! It's my business account. Haven't worked in a couple of months... will start again soon, but the funds, they are a dwindlin'!
Tomorrow are baseball tryouts, and my little guy has a fever of 103.5!!! Poor baby!!
The boys haven't been sick for almost a year, so I was out of everything! No Tylenol, no Nyquil, no nothin'!
How am I supposed to cure the sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever stuff without Nyquil!!!
Anyway, tried to make plans for the weekend, and just stopped as soon as I took Johnny's temperature. Boy, that kid really knows how to turn "it " on too. I am a sucker for a baby that's feverish.
We are all on Zycam now. That stuff is a miracle in a bottle. Have you ever used it? I will do an entire blog on it one day. Just go buy yourself some and use it every time you feel the tiniest little tickle in your throat, every 4 hours and you will be truly amazed!! It is completely holistic, just a bunch of zinc, but it works, works, works!
My friend Terri turned me on to it, and it is amazing.
Okay... well, gotta go medicate Johnny again.
Have a great night, and talk to you tomorrow!!

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  1. Bummer! Hope he feels better tomorrow. Our cure all is "airborne". Similar in that it is all natural, but this one is tons more vitamin C. See ya at the park.


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