Tuesday, February 5, 2008

California Primaries!

Two commenters today used a great word. Dee Dee and Cindy used the word PRIVILEGE.
I loved it!
It was a PRIVILEGE to vote today. Yes it was! We get to do what so so many wish they could.
While I once again enjoyed my experience... I was a little, teensy, tiny bit baffled by one thing I saw at my polling place today, and after talking with my Father In Law, it seems many experienced the same dismay.
When I walked up to sign my name on the signature page, I was handed, by a lovely teen, a
RIDICULOUSLY, HUMONGOUS, OUTRAGEOUSLY OVERSIZED sheet, no, piece, no, blanket, yes! an BLANKET of paper!
I took one look at that thing and instantaneously wondered how many trees perished to make it.
Now people, I, I am ashamed to say, am not a student of recycling... yet. DON'T GET ME WRONG, I'm trying to recycle now, reuse where possible, I watched An Inconvenient Truth, it got to me!
What I mean to say is... even I know a waste of a tree when I see it!
I couldn't believe my eyes!
Did you see it? I didn't even need my glasses to read it! A blind person could have seen that thing!
When I was done with it, I asked the nice lady where I could lay it down for the next person, you know, to recycle the 52 trees it took to make it... and she said "Oh, no, we have plenty, you can keep it." What for?
I joked back to her... "No thank you... I don't have a bicycle to wrap tonight" It was so big, it barely fit on the voter table while voting.
I wonder if the printers saw Al Gore's documentary. I'm guessing no, from the size of that paper.
I read it and it was our privacy rules and such. Yeah! Privacy because when you opened it, no one could see you!
Okay, Okay, I'm off my soap box now.
I wonder what happened to the electronic voting systems. Do you think the Documentary on Diebold Voting Systems had something to do with our going back to fill in voting forms?
Hmmm. Curious... very curious.
I made sure not to press too hard... I didn't want any pregant chads ruining my vote. :)
Alright...I'll stop.
OMG!!! I will be writing all night tonight.
I did it again... I cut my freakin hair again!
I'm sick. I can't seem to stop. I'm also cheap and don't want to ask my mom to cut it... well, you remember why...
More tomorrow...
Ciao Tutti Bella


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. You can get your very own Bush countdown ticker at

    I can't wait. one. more. minute.

  2. Thanks so much. My husbands crew want them too!

  3. I voted and I am so excited that I get to. I just wish that more people took it seriously.


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