Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wordless Wednesday (well almost wordless)

Here are some Typical Italian Gestures displayed by Italian Parents in public, when loud voices aren't used...welcome to my childhood!
"I'va hada ita. I'ma soa mada, I'ma gonna bita my fingera offa! Madonna Mia!" "Ifa youa don'ta stoppa nowa, youa gonna geta ita... I meana ita!"
"Oy Dio, Mama can'ta takea mucha morea... I feela fainta"
" Oh No! Nota Mya Bambino!"
More wordless Wednesday next week! Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. I can picture you doing those signs too.

  2. Oaky, did anyone else notice the words????

    Too funny Saundra.

  3. Wait till next weeks Wordless Wed.!!!

  4. Fantastic! I'm especially fond of the biting off my own finger one. Think a German can pull that one off?

  5. OMG woman you are hilarious...

    You are truly blessed with MANY Gifts!

    GO YANKEES!!!!!


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