Sunday, February 10, 2008

Finally, new bedroom for the boys.

Holy Cow!
What a day! What a weekend!
Hubby and Oldest were sick. I went to Lowe's to buy a bunch of new cabinetry for the two younger boys room, Hubby was sick with sniffles AFTER baseball tryouts, so I went to Lowe's for all the stuff for the room, FINALLY. The boys had been begging for years. Pardon the sarcasm, but ladies, you know how it is when we are sick... we still cook, clean, chauffeur, launder,nurse, and everything else... and the men get a sniffle and the world is ending! He napped, needed soup, moped, you know...
I had to miss a Surprise Party on Saturday Night because of the "illness".
Truth be told, I have the bug now too, but I am armed with Zicam and the will to be able to cope. I'll get everything done.
So I took before and after shots of the room, but the new bunk beds aren't in yet, so I will wait for the unveiling via photo.
Our house is sooo small, and everyone is so cramped in, so when I have photos posted, it's gonna look like a LOT of furniture, but there are two kids in this one little 10x 9 space. Our bathrooms are so small, I always joke that you can sit, take a shower and wash your hands at the same time. But you wanna know the sad thing? It's no joke!
BUT, it's ours, and I don't have the big bad wolf knocking at my door, so I will choose to be content.
Growing up, I lived in a house that always had everything just so. My Mama like living in a pseudo museum. My Dad was a master finisher. He never left anything undone. So I have this terrible tendency to assume that everyone is like that. Boy was I wrong!
Oy! This post sounds so Anti Hubby! I am going to leave it though, because it's my journal, and its honest. BUT, if you've ever seen my kitchen you know what a master my Hubby is too!
There, points FOR Bill, lest I receive many "poor Bill" comments from those who know him.
I'm gonna go drink tea now, and mope, and whine...
Have a good rest of the night.
sniff sniff


  1. The world stops if men, or boys, get sick.(They are learning early!) I can't wait to see what you did. I have small rooms, and 1 has 8 walls with only 1 being over 6 ft, so I am always looking to see how people organize small rooms.

  2. Angela, you are the BEST commenter ever!!!

    You can come see the room anytime your little heart desires. It's clean as a whistle right now. It looks awesome, the bunks will finish it well.

  3. Darian used to be that way but when I didn't give in he changed. I can't wait to see the finished product.

  4. okay... what is the secret...what do you mean you didn't give in? Did you keep asking him to finish it? or just go out and get all the stuff and start it yourself.

    Tell me the secret! As soon as this house is finished, I promise not to hassle him too much, just general maintenance!

  5. I think Letti is talking about the cold. As far as, the secret, come on now Saundra, you KNOW the secret. Some lovin' then hand him the honey do list. I think sometimes they just don't know what to do unless you tell them or they are tired of guessing. HMMM.

  6. Holy Cow... DeeDee, YOU ARE RIGHT! She was!!! Oops!

    Yeah, I know how to get him to do things... but I was hoping for another secret. just to arm myself with many ways... lol


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