Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random "Why" Things

1. Why do people in California KEEP the snow on their car when driving from the mountains? Are they cooler than us low dwellers? My cousins from back east wonder about that every time they visit. They live in Canada, NY and Pennsylvania, and they scrape every bit of snow from their cars, and can't understand why our people don't.
2. Why doesn't Britney Spears just stay in the hospital? Does she really need to be driving our already crowded with crazy people freeways?
3. Why do we drive on a Parkway, and Park in a Driveway?
4. Why does my hair have to grow so darn quickly now that I am (almost) 40 and don't want it to because of my gray hair? Where was this growth when I was young, cute and thin!!!
5. Why can't I stop cutting my hair. Is that a form of "cutting?" Am I a cutter?
6. Did someone come to my house and switch out my lovely first born for another child the second he turned 13?
7. Do I HAVE to live in the same house as my teens, when they are all teens? Is it okay for me to parent from... oh, I don't know... Hawaii?
8. Would it be okay to tell my teen that his eyeballs will fall out if he rolls them more than 10 times in a day?
9. Can you tell I am having teen issues today?
10. Is there any way I can freeze my 8yr old so he stays 8 and will always ask me to marry him?
11. Am I the only wife that play practical jokes on her husband? Like... to be funny, switch the sugar for salt in the sugar bowl? I am? Hmm. That explains a lot.
12. Is it okay that I refuse to fold the DH and the oldest's clothes anymore, because I keep getting ostracized for mixing their clothes up?
13. Do Doctors give "Off Mom Orders?" like "Off Work Orders?"
Bummer... I didn't think so.
Have a lovely day all! I'm off to get some more ammo for posts!
Ciao, Ciao!


  1. What other practical jokes have you played? No, it's not mean to tell him his eyes will fall out. We were told that if we made bad faces, they would freeze.

  2. They should have a place that moms can go to get away from their teenage children......and if its Hawaii, oh


  3. Yes, doctors do. It's called ZANEX!!! ;-)


    I got it!!! I'll ask my Dr. soon! ha ha !!

  5. I especially love #8 and think that it's right on. How about rolling yours back at them. Another thought, how about boarding school.

  6. Boarding school. FOR ME, HECK YEAH! I wanna go away... let them stay home and do all the work!!!

  7. Oh Saundra!! You are fantabulous!!! I love your brain -you make me laugh.

  8. Angel!!! I didn't know you read me!!!

    Thank you soo much! Keep commenting! I love hearing from everyone!


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